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About the Company

We are a team of creative and smart techies with a zeal to transform your ideas to reality.

imobigeeks, a division of Teleparadigm Networks Ltd., started its operations in 2008 with a primary focus to provide application development services through Elance on iOS and Android platforms. Today the division has established itself as a one-stop end-to-end solution provider by expanding the operations from mobile application development to web application development as well.

As a service provider, we gathered vast experience with over 250 applications published till date on iOS and Android platforms. Our customer base is increasing day by day with more and more satisfied customers which includes creative individuals to entrepreneurs to large enterprises.
Service Description
For imobigeeks every project is important and we believe in striving hard to transform clients ideas to reality.

We are comfortable in working with clients of all backgrounds.

- For start-ups, you will definitely love us because we pledge to improve your product from the time you hire us
- For subcontracting agents, well we stick to the deadlines that you specify your clients and make sure all the work is delivered in time and with the highest quality possible.
- For companies contracting work, we customize our models to work exactly like yours. The team here is your team form the day you hire us.

In general, Our work model would be as below when there is no specific model proposed by our clients -

Our project execution model follows an agile methodology. A brief outline of the project delivery cycle with the imobigeeks team would be as follows,

STEP 1 - Analyze the proposed project requirements from a functional level with the client in detail to have a clear project specification.
STEP 2 - Based on the frozen project specs a team is setup having a project head as a point of contact to the client.
STEP 3 - The project head coordinates with Client and Subject matter experts analyses the specs from technical perspective and comes up with a timeline and key Milestones Vs deliverable tied to this timeline.
STEP 4 - Upon agreement of these timelines with the client, the team kick-starts the project with initial phase which include activities like Screen flow for the idea, database design if any, branding and UI design etc.
STEP 5 - After the design acceptance, the development is initiated in an incremental model divided into multiple sprints with a concrete deliverable at the end of each sprint.
STEP 6 - Feedback is collected from the client after each deliverable and this feedback is then included as a change request to the next sprint.
STEP 7 - This cycle (steps 5,6 and 7) continues till the project gets finished.

This model ensures that we build quality solutions for our clients at all times maintaining the best coding and QA standards in the delivery.

- On demand basis we also extend our support for certain projects with additional services like server deployments, application migration, project maintenance for any enhancements / bug fixes if any required at later stage.
- Apart from this we provide complete assistance to iOS/Android/Windows mobile applications to get them launched on respective App Market places.
- Last bust not the least, we are also flexible in terms of adapting to a client specific project execution methodology and tools if required.
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Payment Terms
Our payment model is simple.

1. Firstly we collaborate with you and analyze the project requirements thoroughly to identify key deliverable at each stage of the project and define them as milestones irrespective of the project model, i.e. Fixed price or time and material.

2. And the project cost is divided and allocated to each milestone based on the effort involved for each deliverable against funds to be released on a mutually agreed terms and conditions.

3. Finally we anticipate the client to use Escrow and fund each milestone in advance and release the amount after successful completion of the same.

General Terms:

1. Payment terms for projects below USD 1000:
- First Milestone - 25%
- Beta release - 50%( includes UAT)
- Project finish - 25% (ready to release - Publish Mobile apps / website launch)

Note: We are OK if client wants to restrict to two milestones for projects below USD 500 and release the funds accordingly.

2. Payment terms for projects between USD 1000-5000:
- First Milestone - 20%
- Alpha release - 25%
- Beta release - 30% ( includes UAT)
- Project finish - 25% (ready to release - Publish Mobile apps / website launch)

Note: We are OK If client wants to divide each major milestone into few more minor milestones and distribute the fund between them.

3. Payment terms for projects above USD 5000:

The project will be divided in to multiple milestone vs deliverable against funds to be released on a mutually agreed terms and conditions.

Note: We accept the projects above USD 10000 if and only if the client agrees to Escrow fund at least three milestones in advance and release funds after completion of the each milestone respectively.
in4biz,Switzerland, Web Project Manager Dipl.
The iPhone team once again has done a terrific job. This was delivered in time and in perfect accordance to requirements; quality of work above expectations. We hadn't yet finish the project that I have assigned them another task! Very advisable to work with this team!
Bjorn Schliebitz
Pantha Corp. Australia, Cofounder
A great team which is very flexible to work with your own pattern of execution and always end up adding more value to the products.
Abid Med
Tuni Team, Tunisia, Business Manager
Teleparadigm Network's team is Excellent! They are great to work with. They are very professional and friendly. The project manager has given much input on our projects that we have benefited from his ideas. We hope to keep working with the team on various projects for the long term! Teleparadigm Networks will be an asset to your business if you work with them.
Erik Andershed
Clay Ltd, CEO
I would recommend this team to my closest of friends. I have every intention of coming back and working with them again. They developed 4 applications and a website for me. Working with them has been a pleasure. They also are great at fixing bugs. Some of the apps had bugs, but even after I had paid them, they helped me get rid of the bugs. Also, with the release of iPhone 4.0, some of the apps needed to be tweaked in order to work. Even though I had already paid them for the project, they guaranteed their work, and promised to make the apps work on the newest version. I am very impressed with Teleparadigm and Gaurav. If you are looking for a sweet team, value for your money, this is the team for you!
imobigeeks | Elance