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Will Leong

Professional & Affordable Website Graphic Designer
   United States
  |   Miami, FL
  |  12:16 pm Local Time


I am a freelance website and graphic designer based out of Miami. I am very passionate about my work and every project is an opportunity to help someone's ideas become a reality. My objective is to offer all businesses the opportunity to market themselves no matter the budget.

Service Description
I have 10 years of experience designing websites, logos, and ads.
Miami Dade College
Web Development
2003 - 2007
Sunset Highschool
Highschool Graduate
1998 - 2002
President & Creative Director
2010 - Present
Forge Series LLC
Webmaster and Graphic Designer
2009 - Present
Thump All Day
Webmaster and Graphic Designer
2003 - 2011
Payment Terms
None specified
Will Leong | Elance

Will Leong