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Infinite Dynamics Digital Studio

Cutting Edge 3D- 2D Animation & VFX Studio
  |   Rohini, New Delhi
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About the Company

HQ: Orlando, Fl, USA
Production Studio: New Delhi, India

Infinite Dynamics is a multi-faceted production house with experience from the traditional to the new in the realm of media. Projects include work in film, television, 3D Animation, VFX, 2D Animation, internet and mobile media.

Tailored Solutions for your exacting needs within budget and on schedule.

Flexible in working with clients with varying budgets.

Expert: Diverse inhouse expertise in 3D Animation, 2D Animation and VFX, we can tackle the most demanding client needs.

Our international experience and perspective infuses the best global professional practices in everything we do. Herein, we are able to produce quality projects in an efficient and effective manner utilizing the best international production practices as benchmarks.

We believe in building Long-Term relationships, as such; we hope to work with our clients again and again.

Creativity. Quality. Expertise. Integrity.
Service Description
MotioInfinite Dynamics Digital Studio is based in Orlando, Fl, USA and New Delhi, India (digital production & design studio).

Showcase of some of our capabilities:

The Infinite Dynamics advantage:
Experienced team in 3D Animation, 2D Animation and VFX
Lower project costs (India outsourcing advtg.) compared to comparable
project costs in USA and Europe
Lower costs to you without compromise in quality
Efficient & Effective production pipeline to bring projects within budget and on schedule
Complete one stop solution under one roof from Pre-production to
Save time, efforts and costs with one reliable partner to outsource production work to
Reliable long-term partner to meet your needs again and again


3D Animation
3D character animation
Pre-production (previsulaization, script development, character design, prop design, storyboarding, layouts, model sheets, voice recording, animatics)
Production (modeling, texturing, rigging. animation, lighting)
Post-production (compositing, sound editing, video editing)
3D environments
3D inorganic modeling
3D organic modeling
3D props

Video Games
3D Modeling: characters, props, creatures animals, architecture, environments, all organic and inorganic 3d modeling
Texturing: texture maps, UV maps, texture baking, diffuse maps, bump maps, occlusion maps, normal maps, color mapping and more
Rigging: character rigs, biped rig, quadruped rig, facial rig, we will even rig multipeds like scorpions
Animation: 3D character animation, 3d virtual world, 3D object animation, anything that can be animated we can do it

Gaming Production: Complete turnkey production solution from graphics, sound animation to programming.

3D Solutions for All Gaming Platforms

eLearning Animation
3D eLearning Aniation
3D Character Design
3D Character Animation
3D Backgrounds
3D Character Models
3D Prop Models
3D Prop Animation
3D Inorganic Modeling
2D Animation
2D Character Animation
2D Character Design
2D Backgrounds
2D Props
eLearning Course Design
eLearning Class Modules execution
eLearning Training Animation execution
Provide Fully Tailored eLearning solutions in Adobe Captivate
Complete 3D and 2D eLearning Solution from Previsualization, Design, Storyboarding, Animatics, Voice Recording, Production, Post-production

3D Architecture Animation
3D Interior Visualization
3D Exterior Visualization
3D Interior Animation
3D Exterior Animation
3D Interior Walkthrough
3D Exterior Walkthrough

Medical 3D Animation & 2D Medical Animation
3D Medical Animation
3D Medical Illustrations
3D Surgical Procedures
3D Medical Concepts

3D Scientific Animation & 2D Scientific Animation
3D Scientific Animation
3D Scientific Illustration
3D Scientific Design

3D Engineering Animation & 2D Engineering Animation
3D Construction Animation
3D Oil and Gas Animation
3D Health & Safety Animation
3D Industrial Animation
3D Civil Engineering Animation
3D Electrical Engineering Animation
3D Mechanical Engineering Animation
3D Manufacturing Animation
3D Automotive Animation

3D Defense Animation & 2D Defense Animation
3D Military Animation
3D Aerospace Animation
3D Training Animation
3D Demo Presentation Animation

2D Animation
2D Flash Animation
2D Paperless Animation
Pre-production (previsualization, script development, character design, prop design, storyboarding, layouts, model sheets, voice recording, animatics)
Production (breaking/rigging, color styling, layout, background paint/color, scene assembly, animation, effect animation, animation cleanup, digital painting, composting)
Post-production (sound editing, editing)
2D character design
2D environments

Motion Graphics
Television Commercials (TVCs)
Channel IDs
Corporate IDs
Program Packaging
In-Program Graphics
Logo animations
Broadcast Graphics

CGI Digital Effects Generation
Dynamic Simulations
Particle Effects
Fluid Effects
Cloth Simulation
Hair & Fur Visual Effects
Rigid and Soft-Body Dynamics

Clean Plates
Tracking & Matchmoving
Chroma Key
Matte Painting
Set Extensions

Consultative Services
Your Project Consultants from Concept to Execution
Tailored for Major Mediums:
Film, Television, Internet, Mobile, Video Games

Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
100% Elance Escrow account funding


- 33% upon the start of the project,
--33% at beta stage,
- 33% upon final delivery.
Infinite Dynamics Digital Studio | Elance

Infinite Dynamics Digital Studio