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Isaac Uribe

Data center solutions consultant
  |   Mexico City, Distrito Federal


There are very few highly trained, reliable IT professionals with the passion for this job, but most importantly, the attitude of "Yes, I can do that" like me.

I am a mexican (31 years old) information technologies engineer, and also a certified Linux administrator employed by "SUSE Linux / Novell".

I have been working in the IT industry for over 12 years, with a strong background in systems analysis, networking, operating systems and data center solutions.
Service Description
Novell PartnerNet
Data Center Technical Specialist (DC Tech Spec v.3
Awarded: 2011
Linux Professional Institute
Linux systems administrator
Awarded: 2011
Novell PartnerNet
Certified Linux Administrator (CLA SUSE Linux Ente
Awarded: 2011
Universidad Regiomontana, A.C.
Engineering, Information Technology
Data center solutions consultant
2011 - Present
Full consultant and implementation responsibilities for LATAM projects of one of the biggest clients: a multinational bank institution with over 400 SUSE Linux servers and other SUSE Linux solutions like SUSE Studio® , XEN virtualization, data center automation and provisioning with SUSE Manager®, PlateSpin Migrate/Orchestrate, etc. I fully understood complex environments and requirements within customer's data center, like iSCSI and fibre channel SAN configuration, general operating systems troubleshooting and root cause analysis, disaster recovery, administration of services like DHCP, DNS, Web, Samba, NFS, Sybase/Oracle RDBMS, IBM WebSphere, BMC Patrol, etc. in order to talk to the many technical and non-technical clients and stakeholders and take full responsibility of several projects, from the requirement gathering and business processes evaluation, through solution design and contractual agreements to the final implementation and delivery. I also offered consulting/guidance in on-going projects, recommending enhanced business/technical practices, both in software development and data center integration solutions projects.
Network Information Center México
IT Service Continuity Manager
2009 - 2011
Business requirements documentation, analysis of company processes and interactions with customers/automated systems, in order to propose solutions and plans to ensure IT services could be recovered in the event of a major business disruption, within required timescales and with minimal impact on operations. Management of software developers and system administrators to implement the approved continuity projects, covering technologies like Linux, BSD and Windows operating systems; web server clusters and balancers like Apache/Lighttpd/Tomcat; backup and recovery tools like Symantec BackupExec, Amanda and tar+rsync; databases design and administration, mainly Oracle RDBMS and MySQL cluster/standalone nodes; postfix/Exchange mail systems; in-house enterprise class software systems developed in Java, Ruby and Oracle PL/SQL and most importantly, the cloud of redundant, geographically dispersed DNS servers network. I closely worked with the board of directors to implement the disaster recovery planning project and to initiate the ISO 9000/27001 certification project.
Network Information Center México
Configuration manager
2008 - 2009
Management of all physical and logical artifacts configurations, ensuring change control, auditability and consistency across every artifact's life cycle. The focus was on bringing ITIL concepts and best practices to the development and releasing processes withing the IT department. I developed a system that fully automated the generation of environments for both testers and developers alike (covering from the bare-bones operating system installation with PXE+kickstart+puppet to the final configuration of databases with response files and applications with some heavy scripting); it proved to be so useful and reliable that was later used for production deployment, monitoring and backup strategies.
Network Information Center México
Systems administrator tester
2006 - 2008
Performance, load and stress testing planning and implementation, ensuring regressive and quality acceptance; documentation of system specifications for system administrators, software developers and database administrators to fulfill service level agreements and business requirements; I was required to completely understand concepts of networking protocols, internet standards and infrastructure capacity planning/forecasting.
Software Analyst Manager
2005 - 2005
Leaded a team of software engineers who explored software requirements with customers, both internal and external, including business processes analysis in UML; implemented software systems, from the design to architectural decisions in languages and platforms like PHP, Perl, HTML, CSS, XML and XHTML, for standard web development and web services creation and data interchange with third party companies. Oversaw the company's RedHat Linux servers installation base implementation (from the datacenter provider selection to the definition and implementation of backup and recovery strategies, and continuous security auditing processes).
Mars Confectionery / IS1
End user support business process analyst
2004 - 2005
Focusing on the infrastructure and coordination of support operations; I designed and developed a collaboration system based on SUSE Linux servers and open source tools like MamboPHP, HTML, CSS, Perl/Bash scripting and SQL; providing a central point for documentation and training of the support technicians. Helped during the Manufacturing Pro to SAP ERP migration phase, matching support personnel procedures and documentation, updating and/or creating knowledge documents and working with the implementation team to minimize the overall impact in IT support operations. Part of the supervising team for implementation of a Call Center in Guararema Brazil, successfully migrating all end user support operations in Mexico; part of the role in that project was the analysis of support procedures and current practices, and the documentation of business cases; I used tools and techniques of project management to coordinate the training of the new Brazilian personnel, and the later re-alignment of duties and activities for the on-site mexican staff.
Mars Confectionery / IS1
IT infrastructure and operations support engineer
2003 - 2004
As part of the first tier support group, I was accountable for a wide range of technologies and processes like Novell's eDirectory user tree maintenance, Manufacturing Pro user session assignment and revoking, and custom processes like Cognos Business Intelligence "daily cube" generation and validation.
ABC Marketing
Project Manager
2001 - 2002
Development of technology strategies to meet business requirements, particularly the analysis of partners and clients many specific technology requirements, to implement changes affecting the way polling real-time and market research results were provided, to ease the data mining processes they would later do with the delivered datasets. Analysis of business and technology practices, proposing enhancements and integration solutions, like the implementation of the first internal collaboration portal and central document repository with internet technologies and the implementation and further in-house development of the first CRM system. Creation of business, customer relationship and support processes documentation, information technologies policies and guidelines
Systems Analyst
2000 - 2001
Formulation of business cases and requirements with both technical and non technical peers and key users, investigation, analysis and solutions proposal, following up the later implementation and documentation. Design and writing of system test plans to ensure proper integration and regression compliance for web, embedded and standard applications, mainly written with Visual Basic, Flash ActionScript, Active Server Pages, HTML, XML, SQL, C and C++. We had the necessity to create multimedia "Live" cd's, by 2001 that was a very new idea, I designed and implemented a solution by creating Microsoft DLL's using Visual Basic and other tools, to mimic the behavior of web page controls in standalone applications running off the cd, and silent background installers and Windows registry tweaking to provide data persistence across machine reboots and/or cd unavailability. I also had exposure to web services, Linux servers and databases administration and semi-virtualization/automation for testing and quality assurance purposes using Linux's shell commands and Norton's Ghost framework.
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