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Isaac B.

Windows, Mac, Web, iOS, Android and 3D Development
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Simply quality work for Web, Windows, Mac OS X, Android, iOS, 3D Real Time Visualization, Testing and QA. I like computers, care about details and I always work on every project as it's mine that will allow me to achieve the desired satisfaction and build long business relationship which I always looking for.
Service Description
Very long experience (23 years) with computers software and hardware. I started using computers when Dos 3.3 was first released and mono color monitors !!

Now I use all modern programming languages and professional tools for Windows, Mac, web development and 3D real time visualization.

I have strong communications skills and all I need is an email with clear job description then I start working on my own. This was the system for 2 years with a clients here at elance!

Foreign Languages: English (Advanced), French (Medium).

My experience: working with many companies local and remotely from around the glob allowed me to gain experience in many different fields and its hard to mention them all !. So don't hesitate to invite me or ask me If the skills does not match I will say so.

My Skills:

Web design and programming:
- Web 2.0 Design
- CMS programming (Joomla, Drupal, Magento, WordPress, etc...).
- Web data extraction
- PDF creation / conversion
- Languages used: PHP, ASP.NET (VB.NET and C#) with any type of database.
- PayPal integration (IPN, encrypted checkout, express checkout and PayPal Payflow Pro)
- Search Engine optimization and Marketing (SEO, SEM)
- Other skills: CSS, JQuery, YUI, Prototype, Dojo, sencha, Google mash-ups, Online Security, Database Optimization

Please contact me so I send you more details and links and feel free to ask me any questions you may have.


Software Programming:
I developed many software from the age of DOS up to latest windows version for desktop and mobiles (windows mobile, windows CE, iOS, Android), also made software for AS/400 mainframe, my solution used until now in my country steel factories and other petroleum companies.

- Desktop applications, Client / Server and n-tier applications working on LAN or the Internet.

- Modern GUI Design with support to skin change at run time to give users great experience and keep in mind the windows standards.

- Barcode systems.
EAN128 and many others and used Hand Held computer mobile scanners with programming on Windows mobile.

- Hardware instruments Integration.
Com ports, LPT ports, Bluetooth, etc...

- ERP System.
Large system to manage life production cycle of windows manufacturing.

- POS.
Made different point of sale systems suitable for many different commercial activities.

- Strong debugging and software test skills
To give my software very high level of stability specially when dealing with sensitive data I always care to place trap for bugs from user inputs, sudden shutdown, hard disk failure. I also make the software automated as much as possible to reduce human errors.

I use many professional tools for testing and most techniques focus on:
a) Test on different platforms.
b) Functionality test
c) usability test
d) Stress test
e) Provide best practice notes
f) Analysis reports

- PDF extraction , conversion and creation.
I use professional tools to work with PDF and automate document cycle process.

- 3D real time visualization.
I can use OpenGL or DirectX to produce 3D visualization for products, real state or anything including 3D UI.

- Language known: Delphi, C++, C#, VB.NET, OVAL (for workabout psion Hand Held PC) and some assembly too!


Contact me so I can send you more details and demos and feel free to ask me any questions you may have.

Please take a look at my feedback and portfolio, I also have a website but I cant post it here according to elance rules so please initiate a contact with me or send me invitation to get more details about my work.

My first goal is excellent work and full satisfaction you will never need to re-post your project and pay the cost again.

I always welling to build long relationship with my clients.

All the best
Microsoft (url verify included)
Microsoft Certified Application Developer
Awarded: 2004
Microsoft (url verify included)
Microsoft Certified Professional
Awarded: 2004
Payment Terms
- Fixed amount escrow for very clear detail and kind of short projects.
- Per hour using elance tracker tool for everything else.

Guaranteed work done as agreed in the contract or no payment is due.
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Isaac B. | Elance

Isaac B.