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Konstantin Lysenko

devop, linux, unix, AWS, ruby, chef, AWS OpsWorks
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I am a devop (system administrator and programmer), have a 14+ years of experience with linux and unix systems.

- Linux OS DevOps and System administration (especially proficient with CentOS/RHEL and Ubuntu)
- Automating with OpsCode Chef, testing chef recipes/cookbooks with test-kitchen/chefspec/serverspec.
- Amazon AWS services.
- Chef on AWS platform - AWS OpsWorks
- good English.
- Ruby, Bash and Python scripting.
- Setup and configuration of Web servers, DB servers, Virtualization severs, Backup and Monitoring servers, Proxy servers, Firewalls, VPN servers, File servers, Java Application severs, VCS servers.
- Rackspace cloud servers and cloud files.
- Digital Ocean droplets.
- Principles of TCP\IP networking, firewalling and routing.
- FreeBSD Unix.
- Solaris 10,11, OpenIndiana Unix.

I'm diligent; I like to finish my tasks properly. I have positive personality, I like to learn and I respect other people opinions.
Service Description
My specialization is an infrastructure automation with chef, writing ruby scripts and linux system administration.
I have experience in and can provide:
- Automating server configuration/management with Chef.
- TDD for chef recipes/cookbooks with test-kitchen, chefspec, serverspec.
- Using chef on AWS platform - AWS OpsWorks
- bash, ruby, python scripting including API scripting
- setup and configure:
- Linux and FreeBSD Amazon AWS EC2 instances.
- Linux Rackspace cloud servers.
- Linux DigitalOcean cloud servers
- Linux CloudSigma cloud servers
- setup of firewalls with iptables in Linux and pf in FreeBSD, creation of VPN server with IPSEC and OpenVPN.
- setup and configuration of HTTP proxy servers with squid, tinyproxy and SOCKS proxy servers with dante.
- creation of FTP, SFTP and Samba File servers.
- Setup and configuration backup solutions with backup gem, backuppc, backupninja, duplicity, bash scripts and so on. Backups to file system, ftp, sftp, Amazon s3.
- setup static web sites with Amazon s3.
- setup and configuration of web servers with apache and nginx.
- installation and configuration of Oracle DB servers, MySQL and PostgreeSQL servers.
- setup MySQL Master < - > Slave and Master < - > Master replication.
- setup and configuration of Java Application servers JBOSS and IBM WebSphere, Java servlet container - Apache Tomcat.
- GIT and SVN, installing/configuring gitlab/svnserve. Proficient in using git.
- Experience in working with LVM.
- creation of virtualization system with XEN and KVM.
National Aerospace University - KhAI
Bachelor's degree in computer science.
2006 - 2010
Atalanta Systems LTD
Technical lead
2011 - 2014
I'm working as full time devop and technical lead in young and bright Atalanta Systems company. Atalanta Systems broadly uses chef for automate infrastructure managemement. My Roles in the company are technical manager of our engineering team and system administrator.
Uniquare Ukraine
System administrator
2008 - 2009
I've worked as full time system administrator. My duties include: Installation and configuration of IT infrastructure in local network. Local network deployment. Configuration and maintenance of virtual machines on VmWare basis. Installation, configuration and maintenance of java application servers. Installation, configuration and maintenance of oracle db servers. Deployment of Java2EE applications. Maintenance of Windows AD domen. Maintenance of WSUS, CVS, Lotus Domino servers. Backup. Hardware and software purchases. Servers' maintenance.
System administrator
2000 - 2008
I worked as a full time system administrator. My duties include: Installation, configuration IT infrastructure of local networks Work with terminal services on Linux basis Providing secure access to the Internet Configuration and maintenance of virtual machines on VmWare basis.
Payment Terms
I prefer to work on hourly basis.
I prefer payment with Elance escrow.
I think that best interview is making a small paid project.
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Konstantin Lysenko