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Gregorio C.

Sr. Software Test Manager
   United States
  |   Chula Vista, CA


Sr. Software Test Manager with strong background in software engineering, quality assurance, configuration management, testing frameworks and testing methodologies. Excellent leadership skills (managing 100+ people), driving overall test planning, execution, tracking and delivery of Financial Systems, HR Systems and Web Development Applications.

Gregorio Cruz's Specialties:
Information Technology, Process Improvements, Software Quality Assurance, CMMI

Service Description
I have worked as a Test and Quality Assurance Engineer for the last 10 years, after graduating from MIT with a Masters of Engineering degree. I am currently working in SAIC as a Senior Test Manager executing and managing test programs for their IT department.

The areas of testing include (a) web application (b) financial systems (c) human resource systems (d) data conversion (e) performance testing.

As a freelance test engineer, I plan on using my expertise, along with Test/QA Outsourcing, to execute and manage test programs for web applications and software systems.

In any Software Test program, the test lifecycle is started by developing a Test Plan that will include the test approach and what is in scope for the testing. There are three major phases in the execution of a Test Program. These three phases are (a) Test Development (b) Test Execution (c) Test Reporting.

In the test development phase, System Requirements Specifications (SRS) and Design Documentation are review to understand the business processes that will be validated. From these documents Test Cases are developed and a traceability matrix is created. The traceability matrix will assure us that any and all requirements have been addressed in the test cases developed.

In test execution phase, test cases developed are executed. Daily test progress is reported along with defect status.

In test reporting phase, a final test report is developed that outlines the testing results and status of any defects discovered.

All work is developed using MS Word, MS Excel and MS Powerpoint.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Masters of Engineering
1994 - 1999
Senior Test Engineer
2001 - Present
Manager test programs for SAIC IT projects. IT projects included Web Applications, Financial Systems and HR Systems.
Payment Terms
For the projects valued under or equal to 2500USD;

50% advance on signing of contract
50% on final delivery

For projects above 2500USD;

a) 30% on approval of SRS and design documents
b) 30% on development of test cases
c) 30% on execution of test cases
d) 10% (remaining) on total completion of project.
Gregorio C. | Elance

Gregorio C.