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James Konik

Expert Software Developer - Web / Mobile
  |   Osaka-shi, Osaka
  |  10:01 pm Local Time


I'm a full-time software developer with a computer science degree and over five years experience developing web and mobile applications.

I am able to contribute original ideas to projects but also have the experience to ensure projects are completed on time and achieve their business objectives.
Service Description
Flash/Flex/Air Applications:

I am an outstanding Actionscript coder and have built games, video chat apps, accountancy apps, media players, social network analysis software and many other things using Flash and related technologies.

Android Applications:

I build quality native Android applications. I code Android applications in Java using Eclipse. I can target apps to multiple devices so they work with a variety of screen sizes and input methods.


I am comfortable working in a variety of languages and can build websites that integrate different technologies.

Graphics/Art and Design

I'm not an artist, but can help clients find appropriate art resources if they don't already have them available.
University of Greenwich
Bsc Hons Computing Science
1999 - 2002
Payment Terms
I'm flexible as long as the terms are clear. I prefer milestone payments for large projects and new clients. For non-escrow fixed price projects I usually ask for a deposit.
James Konik | Elance

James Konik