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Expert Dialectician And Grammarian
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"I have to throw out another huge thank you for Jason Eiker-Wiles, my editor. This young man is fantastic. When you read this book and it seems like I may have driven past a library once in my life it's because the man takes tremendous pride in his work. I can guarantee you that 'mistakes' you see in this manuscript are purposeful, selected for enhancing the narrative voice. His attention to detail and the fact that he knew what 'trickin' is and what a 5%er is kind of threw me for a loop. He and I are at the beginning of a very glorious partnership"

--excerpt from "Confessions Of A Cuban Cigar Smoker, Vol. I"

"Jason is the man and is not only awesome at the technical side of editing the english language but also understands where I'm coming from as a writer as he is also a writer. A pleasure to work with and I definitely have him in mind for the next 2 projects I'm launching in the coming weeks. Highly Recommended."

--review for my work on "Pre Workout Secrets"
Service Description
I have been proofreading since I started reading; I love language and insist on its proper usage. I began as a writer, but now focus more on proofreading and have edited all manner of texts. While an English student at UCLA I proofed essays across all academic fields and have since edited countless resumes and documents varying from fantasy novels to medical research papers. I first and foremost value accuracy and pride myself on thoroughness, but I am also very deadline-oriented and, due to my love for reading, am able to work very quickly.

My literary background is primarily fiction-based, focusing on poetry, short stories, and novels. Perhaps due to my youth and love of realism/reality, both in literature and in life, I have developed a little niche for myself in the urban literature world. However, my tastes varied and my favorite authors are Marcel Proust, Thomas Pynchon, and John Donne, among others.

I also have a very strong health/fitness and sports background, having worked in the healthcare industry for many years, and having been a serious athlete throughout my youth and into my university years. I have made use of these by editing various non-fiction books on health, medicine, and fitness, in addition to medical research papers. I have also edited a fair amount of sports-related text, with my specialties being soccer/association football, running, basketball, and American football.
University of California at Los Angeles
Bachelor of Arts, English
2004 - 2007
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