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Javier Lavandeira

UNIX problem solver.
  |   Itabashi-ku, Tokyo
  |  11:38 am Local Time


I solve your problems with UNIX systems (Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X, BSD), or I don't get paid.

Working on UNIX systems since 1998. Every one of my "real life" jobs so far has been UNIX-related.

Performance monitoring, optimization, security, automation, backups and disaster recovery, load balancing... you name it.
Service Description
What I can do for you:

- Secure your server(s)
- Optimize for performance
- Remote monitoring (service availability, resource usage)
- Configuration and periodic maintenance of the OS and services (web, mail, DNS, FTP, databases, etc)
- Install/upgrade software
- Writing and customizing scripts for system maintenance
- Setting up periodic backups of your server (including mail, web files, user accounts and databases)
- Others (just ask!)

I only work remotely. I upon acceptance of the work I will require SSH access to your system(s). If you don't know how to set it up then I will help you set it up.

We can communicate in English, Spanish, Catalan or Japanese.
Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
Technical engineering in computer science,
2002 -
I.E.S. Puig Castellar
Curso de Orientacion Universitaria
1992 - 1995
I.E.S. Puig Castellar
Bachillerato Unificado y Polivalente
1989 - 1992
The McGraw-Hill Companies (Tokyo)
Systems Specialist
2007 - 2009
• In charge of the Japan and Korea datacenters: backups, storage management, maintenance contracts, inventory, monitoring (hardware and services), network cabling, hardware installation, operating system builds of new UNIX (Solaris) and Windows servers, procurement. • Member of the IT team in charge of the IT infrastructure for the McGraw-Hill business units in the Asia-Pacific region (Standard & Poor’s, BusinessWeek, J.D. Power Asia Pacific, Platts and McGraw- Hill Education). • Coordination of infrastructure-related projects: annual power shutdowns, migration of Solaris 8/9 servers to Solaris 10, migration of Windows-based file servers to EMC Celerra NAS, migration of ARCserve-based backup to Veritas Netbackup. • Primary ownership of Solaris and Linux servers in Tokyo and Melbourne: operating system installs, storage (Veritas Storage Foundation, Sun StorageTek fibre channel arrays), virtualization management (Solaris containers), performance monitoring, troubleshooting. • Administration of user accounts, servers, printers via the corporate LDAP directory (Active Directory). • SOX assessment of financial IT equipment for one of the business units (J.D. Power Asia Pacific) for the Tokyo and Singapore server rooms.
International Systems Research (Tokyo)
Technical Manager
2003 - 2007
• Installation and maintenance of the infrastructure and development servers (a mix of Linux, Solaris, Windows and OpenBSD) and network equipment (a couple of routers and several switches). • Installation and maintenance of voice-over-IP system based on the Asterisk IP-PBX for internal use. • Maintenance of the virtual servers used for debugging the applications developed by the company (Solaris containers and VMware).
Value Exchange Corporation (Tokyo)
Systems administrator / Web application developer,
2002 - 2002
• Development from scratch of a web-based online forum in PHP (1ch.tv), modeled after the Japanese site 2ch.net. Strict security and performance requirements, as the site was expected to receive all kinds of attacks (denial of service, automated posting, etc). • Installation and maintenance of two FreeBSD servers on HP hardware, one used as a web and email frontend (Apache and Qmail), and the other as a backend database server (MySQL).
Noticias Online, S.L. (Barcelona, Spain)
Systems administrator
2001 - 2002
• Setup and maintenance of web, email, database, DNS, FTP and mailing list servers (Apache, Qmail, MySQL, djbdns, PureFTPd and ezmlm). • Performance tuning of database and web front ends. • Implementation in PHP of a web-based interface to publish articles on the website. • Migration of all the services to a different hosting provider (web, mail, database, DNS) without physical access to the hardware and without service interruption.
Inlander Communications, S.L. (Barcelona, Spain)
Systems administrator,
1999 - 2001
• Maintenance of remotely-hosted Linux, Solaris and Windows NT servers. The company used these server to sell domain hosting services (web, email, databases). Security and performance tuning. Setup of new customer domains on the hosting servers. • Server backups to online storage via NFS. • Develop shell and Perl scripts to manage the domains, mail aliases, mailboxes, permissions, etc. • Technical support for customers via email and telephone.
Intercom S.T.A., S.A. (Barcelona, Spain)
Systems administrator
1998 - 1999
• Operating system install of Linux servers on hardware colocated by customers in our server room. • Tape backups of Windows-based servers (ARCserve) • Setup of ISDN Shiva routers for customers on the ISP side. • Monitoring services (bandwidth, server health) via SNMP polling, providing usage graphs to IT manager.
Intercom S.T.A., S.A. (Barcelona, Spain)
1996 - 1998
• First and second-level phone support to ISP customers. Windows-related calls were handled by all the helpdesk staff, and MacOS, OS/2 and Linux-related calls were escalated to me). • Testing of the ISP’s dialup connection kit (at the time contained in a single 3.5” floppy disk) each time a new version was released.
Payment Terms
None specified
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Javier Lavandeira