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John C.

Script Writing and Creative Content
   United States
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I have extensive experience writing, categorizing, and promoting digital media. I have researched, written, and organized material for the numerous websites, blogs, and wikis. I have experience writing scripts and storyboards for television, radio, and multimedia. I also have experience as a comedy writer so I have the ability to incorporate as much (or little) humor as a project might require.

Service Description
I have 15 years of experience writing promotional online content as well as developing and writing creative scripts for videos, DVDs, digital games, and streaming media. I began my career writing storyboards and animated scripts before moving into the instructional design field, where I developed scenarios and engaging characters for digital training programs. Clients include:

BRIDGE MULTIMEDIA – Developed script outlines, characters and e-learning goals for a children’s interactive science series of half hour programs.

ABOUT.COM – Wrote a series of Virtual Field Trips for the website’s Learning and Technology for Families page, designed to promote fun e- learning websites to students, parents, and educators.

RENAISSANCE 2.0 MEDIA – Wrote dialogue for the avatars of, a virtual world designed to expose children to literature. I also write the scenarios for Quests in which players must help characters from classic books locate missing treasures.

PAYBACK TRAINING SYSTEMS – Script Writer, responsible for content development and thematic design in the development of video and computer-based training programs. Also created mascots, wrote interactive tests and promotional multimedia.

AMERICAN FOUNDATION FOR THE BLIND – Writer, responsible for researching, developing, and updating content for the A.F.B. sponsored Internet site, an online directory of resources for individuals with disabilities. Also wrote material for radio, public relations campaigns, and promotional e-mails.

I specialize in conceptual assignments such as developing online/video/social media identities for clients, modifying dry material into engaging content, creating characters for commercial or entertainment websites, and identifying methods of highlighting an organization’s distinctiveness. My objective for all projects is to write content designed to turn a group’s online presence into an online experience.
Kubert School of Cinematic Animation
Narrative Art and Script Writing
1989 - 1991
Kean College
1984 - 1988
Script Writer
2010 - Present
Dialogue Writer and Scenarist for the multi-player, interactive gaming website,, a virtual world designed to expose children to literature. Wrote content and developed characters based on classic literary figures to be used as the site’s avatars. Also wrote scenarios for online Quests in which players must navigate a fantastic virtual world in order to find objects and treasures.
Bridge Multimedia
2002 - Present
Bridge Multimedia - - is a New York City-based content services company dedicated to supporting all facets of universally accessible media for entertainment, educational, commercial, and government applications. I currently work freelance as their Online Content Writer. Responsibilities include: • Producing company website content • Research the latest government policies and corporate trends regarding the progression of accessible technology and its implementation. • Lead Writer for the company website and viral marketing campaigns • Researched and developed content for a wiki to be used as the company information center Projects completed: - Developed the entire website - Researched and developed the website - Wrote promotional radio
Contributing Writer
2009 - 2011
Researched, wrote about, and promoted e-learning to students, parents, and educators. Topics included: website reviews, web quests and online activities, e-book reviews, blogs, and virtual field trips. Projects completed: • - e-Math • - Virtual NY • - 5 Apps for Back to School • - Science Party for Kids • - Butterfly Blog
Payback Training Systems
Script Writer
1999 - 2003
Script Writer, responsible for content development and thematic design in the production of both video and computer-based training programs. Also created mascots, wrote interactive tests and promotional multimedia. Projects included: Hotel Marriott I served as Head Writer for Special Projects. I developed engaging characters, dialogue, scenarios, and final shooting scripts for Hotel Marriott’s series of digital training modules. Giant Eagle Bakery I edited huge amounts of content into streamlined commercial scripts. I worked as Creative Consultant with the client in order to establish a consistent voice, tone, and overall vision for their promotional campaign.
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