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Jeff Rankin

Experienced, full stack UX Designer
   United States
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I create transparent user experiences. I accomplish this by understanding user goals, tasks, and behavior; and through application of interaction and visual design principles. My experience includes user research, storytelling, ideation, interaction design, visual design, design implementation, and usability testing. I favor guerrilla UX techniques that work well with the agile philosophy.

Here’s a short video about my approach to design:
Service Description
I’m a full stack UX designer with a proven track record and have worked in multiple industries including healthcare, government, ERP, heavy machinery, transportation, and logistics. I've worked across all phases of the product life cycle, so I can help you make a great product whether it's in the planning or implementation phase. I'll work with you to determine where I can best help with your product's design.

If your product is in the planning phase, I can define it by writing user stories or requirements — fundamental building blocks of a great product experience. This is a great time to speak with users to understand their needs. I can conduct user research through interviews, surveys, etc., to gather information about what they really need, and to create user scenarios and personas.

Before any mockups or prototypes are created, I like to work on the product’s interaction design to make sure that the flow, navigation, and patterns will make sense to the users. This is critical since no amount of visual design can fix a broken interaction model. Typically, diagramming is the best way to work through the interaction design. This gives an overview of product’s primary flow and secondary paths, allows me to determine the types of UI patterns that work well, and keeps the focus on the interaction as opposed to visual details.

Once the interaction model has been addressed, I can focus on the visual design to make an easy to use and great looking product. Whether a wireframe or a fully realized prototype is required I have the tools to make it happen quickly. I have experience in a number of design tools including Axure RP, Balsamiq, OmniGraffle, Keynote, Photoshop, and Illustrator. Since I have a great deal of experience in Web standards, I can also produce high-fidelity prototypes using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. I like to work in short iterations when designing — this allows me to quickly identify the design problem(s), create mockups to address the problem, and get feedback from stakeholders and users.

Usability testing is the best way to know the kinds of problems users may have with the product, and I can conduct these tests whether you want to test your current product to help establish a baseline, conduct quick tests to help guide design in-progress, or conduct an exhaustive test of the product prototype.

If your product is Web based, I can actually provide the front end code for your product. I have extensive experience in Web standards like HTML and CSS (including HTML5 and responsive design), and toolkits like jQuery, Bootstrap, and CSS preprocessors like Sass and LESS.

Finally, I can provide design documentation is whatever form works best for the team. I've found that this varies from team to team and flexibility is important. Typically, I've found teams prefer interactive prototypes with some light documentation as opposed to detailed design documentation.

My Services quick list

Product definition:
User stories, requirements, ideation

User research:
User interviews, surveys, scenarios, personas

Interaction design and visual design:
Flow diagrams, wireframes, sketches, prototypes, color palette, typography, iconography, logos, product style guides

Usability testing/evaluation:
In-progress testing, baseline testing, formal testing, heuristic evaluation, expert review

Front end implementation:
HTML, CSS, HTML5, Javascript, responsive design, Bootstrap, jQuery, Sass, LESS

Design documentation
Wright State University
B. S., Psychology
1989 - 1993
UX Consultant & Freelance
UX Designer
2011 - Present
Freelance Consultant - User Experience Design Freelance project work includes leading ideation, branding, and concept design for an e- commerce web site, design lead and engineer on a social network for dog owners, usability evaluation and recommendations for an iOS and Android role playing game, and design lead for a set of agile-oriented usability tools. Led the design effort for a web application that allowed housing community managers to produce RFPs and manage bids from vendors. Activities included user stories, wire-framing, design implementation, and light documentation. Design sprints were run a sprint ahead of engineering sprints to allow time for discovery and user reviews. Design lead on a social networking site focused on career leadership and mentoring for women. Design activities included wire-framing and visual design. Led design on multiple SharePoint site implementations. Activities included definition of information architecture and navigation, wire-framing, and visual design. Involved in support of multiple sales pursuits. Activities included production of video addressing the Neudesic approach to design and visual design to support sales presentations. Conducted internal presentations to familiarize Neudesic colleagues with the user experience domain. Design lead for a commercial marine application used to safely route vessels through hazardous weather and ocean conditions. Responsible for user interviews, interaction design, visual design, and usability testing. Facilitated user story and design sessions with product and engineering representatives.
Lead User Experience Designer
2014 - 2014
Led design of a web-based EDI tool. Activities included wireframe creation, design reviews with product team, detail design and documentation, and working with engineering team to explain design and work through feasibility issues. Developed Outsell human interface guidelines to help ensure consistency among products. Support activities for this included coding and testing components, documentation, code samples, and communicating the guidelines to the engineering team. Led conceptual design work and interaction design for new login/forgotten password flow for the Outsell enterprise platform.
Activant Solutions Incorporated
Senior User Interface Designer
2010 - 2011
Led design activities on projects including a web-based service dispatch application used to manage technicians, a service order entry and management iPhone app, a business rules management application, a business intelligence iPad app, a web-based customer grading application, and a user/system administration web application. As design lead, I was responsible for facilitating design activities, creating user scenarios and stories to explore use cases, communicating design to the team, interaction design, visual design (color usage/ typography/iconography), and usability testing. Design education and evangelism efforts included brown-bag presentations/Q&A sessions given to product management, engineering teams, and business analysts. Also responsible for developing design process to work within Scrum development methodology.
McKesson Provider Technologies
User Interface Design Engineer
2006 - 2009
Design lead for multiple projects including an application used by nurses to coordinate daily activities and visualize task density, a CMS used to assemble patient care plans, and an application allowing clinicians to reconcile a patient's medication list, place medication orders, and write prescriptions. For each of these projects, responsibilities included conduct of user experience workshops held with clinical and business analysts, creation of scenarios and “day in the life” narratives to explore use cases, elicitation and expression of requirements through wire-framing, conceptual prototyping and high-fidelity prototyping, formative and summative usability testing, and detail design and documentation. Acted as innovation sub-team lead working primarily on data visualization techniques and cutting-edge design methodologies. Lead editor and content author for the team newsletter sent company wide on a quarterly basis. Notable articles included use of spark-lines, light-boxes, and an introduction to user centered design methodologies. Design lead on the Nitro proof of concept, a Web-based user interface framework designed to collect and present disparate sources of clinical data.
Union Pacific
User Interface Designer
2005 - 2006
Responsible for maintenance, support, and documentation of existing reusable User Interface (UI) components. Led architecture, development, and documentation of next generation UI component framework. Researched and documented best practices for online map presentation and UIs for Blackberry-based Web applications. Evaluated UI of existing online map application, provided recommendations for improvements, and developed prototype to demonstrate enhancements. Developed prototype using the Google Maps API to demonstrate visualization of train routes and locations. Worked with development teams and project managers to provide UI recommendations for various railway logistics web applications. Conducted usability reviews and heuristic evaluations, providing recommendations to development teams. Developed and conducted UI design class to help evangelize UI design and usability. Class was presented to existing teams and new engineering personnel.
O’Neil & Associates
Lead GUI Engineer
1996 - 2005
Responsibilities included User Interface (UI) specification, prototyping, template implementation, usability evaluation and testing, team mentoring, and use case authoring. Additional responsibilities include maintenance of best practice documentation for development of internal and client UI, and development of toolsets for authoring and design of UI conforming to the W3C’s Web Accessibility Initiative and the ADA Section 508. Implemented the UI for several successful web and browser-based applications. Deployed applications include Content Management Systems (CMS) and Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETM) for military vehicle manufacturers, maintenance and parts browsing systems for aircraft engine and lift-truck manufacturers, web-based parts ordering systems for commercial kitchen and commercial truck manufacturers, and an application configuration tool for a commercial truck manufacturer.
CSERIAC Program Office
Human Factors Analyst
1993 - 1995
Researched technical inquiries from various clients in government, academia, and industry. Extensively reviewed and analyzed literature on the topics of: Hypertext-based operating procedures in nuclear power plant control rooms, Computer-Human Interaction guidelines, IVHS (Intelligent Vehicle Highway Systems), and the conduct of training AARs (After Action Reviews).
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Aspensoft, Founder & Chief Architect
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