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Jeremiah D.

Need help w/ contracts? research? trademarks?
   United States
  |   Newport Beach, CA


I have been practicing law in the State of California for the past six (6) years since graduating from Whittier Law School in 2005. Since graduating, I have worked exclusively in the fields of sports & entertainment / business and corporate law. My primary expertise (and my passion) is in business transactions; specifically, negotiation, deal structuring and drafting of contracts and business documents. I also have extensive experience conducting legal research and protecting intellectual property rights - including the filing of trademarks, copyrights or the requisite filings for television scripts, copyrights, and movie treatments. I am best described as a problem solver who will not waste a client's time or money. My focus is to help others through their various business transactions and ensure their new business "relationship" gets off on the right foot.
Service Description
Are you starting a business? I can help.
Do you need help drafting a business contract? I can help.
Are you trying to protect a logo? A movie script you wrote? I can help.

The most important thing when starting a new business is doing it the right way. If anything is overlooked or not addressed properly, it will surely come back to haunt you and your business later - it may even cause you to go OUT of business. There is a laundry list of compliance issues, contractual issues, employment issues and intellectual property issues that must be addressed at the outset of any and every business endeavor and these are absolutely critical to the survival of your business. I can help with all of it. I can simplify your problems for you and develop a game plan to execute them and get you off and running. Most importantly, I can do it at a low and highly competitive price.

Are you thinking about forming an LLC? A corporation? A partnership? All of these have serious legal implications that you need to be aware of. I will make sure you make the best decisions for you, your family and your business so that you can focus on making money. Let me worry about setting up your business for you!

The State of California
California Bar Association
Awarded: 2006
Whittier Law School
Juris Doctorate
- 2005
The University of Puget Sound
- 2001
Payment Terms
My payment terms vary from client to client depending on the call for services.
Jeremiah D. | Elance

Jeremiah D.