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Jessi Rita Hoffman

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I've edited books for Donald Trump and award-winning novelist Michael Hurley. Each book receives my exclusive, loving, and personal attention. I make your manuscript say what you mean it to say, and elevate it to something you can truly be proud of.

Ranked by Elance as one of its top-ten book editors (out of 17,000). Former publishing house editor in chief. Industry-trained developmental editor(substantive editor) and copy editor. The distinction of over 230 five-star client reviews.
Service Description
I'm a former publishing house editor-in-chief, college-level writing instructor, and award-winning magazine editor. I offer the full range of professional book editing services. Whatever your manuscript needs to become excellent, I can provide. If you're willing to invest in your book and make it the best it can be, I'm here to help you do it.

I am a writer, but I'm also an industry-trained developmental editor (substantive editor) and copy editor. I have a B.A. in English and the equivalent of an M.A. in fiction writing. I've taught writing at the college level and have helped hundreds of authors elevate their nonfiction books, novels, and short stories into something excellent and publishable.

My 230-plus five-star client reviews, and outstanding client return rate, testify to lots of happy and successful author customers. My clients have won awards, book deals, and international bestseller status. One client recently optioned his novel to a Hollywood producer. I work with established authors, but I especially enjoy helping new authors.

I began my career as a schoolteacher and newspaper journalist. I've edited and ghostwritten dozens of published titles for clients and have published six books and hundreds of articles under my own name. Today one of my greatest pleasures is helping authors turn their book into a masterpiece. I don't just fix the superficial errors of grammar and punctuation: I help you make the content express everything you mean for it to say.

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"I'm very fortunate to have had the benefit of Jessi's advice in editing both of my novels. There is no one like her. She watches over and nurtures each line of text as if it were her own child. She made comments I used to improve my work significantly.”

Michael Hurley
Multi-award-winning novelist, author of "The Prodigal" and "The Vineyard"

"To say Jessi is a brilliant writer would be an understatement. Jessi is simply extraordinary."

William de Ora
Co-author of "The Invisible Partnership"

"Jessi's work is superb. Her attention to detail and knowledge of the publishing industry are invaluable. I'm delighted with the professionalism and tightness she brought to my manuscript, and I'm thrilled to have her on my team."

Nadine Love
First-place winner, New World Library's Transformational Author Writing Contest, and author of "Hot Confidence"

“Jessi edited our science fiction anthology and exceeded expectations in all respects. Excellent attention to story structure and character. She worked closely and productively with the authors and succeeded in elevating our first book to something more than popular fiction.”

Michael Wills
Publisher of "First Contact" and "Digital Science Fiction"

"When you are looking for the top editorial work on Elance, Jessi is your editor!"

Dr. Robert Puff
Contributing writer to "Psychology Today" and author of seven self-help books

"Jessi Rita Hoffman is a remarkable editor with a meticulous attention to all of the important details of your project. She consistently edits your material from the perspective of your reader, which as writers we often neglect. She challenges you to be a better writer, but also a clearer thinker; that, perhaps, is her greatest gift."

Scott Jeffrey
Author of "Doctor of Truth: The Life of David R. Hawkins"

“Jessi’s recommendations have been spot-on. She is, without a doubt, the best editor I've ever worked with. She is professional, timely, and has treated my novel with the same care and attention to detail as if it were her own. It’s an education working with her. I could not recommend her highly enough.”

Brandon Teskey
Author of "Insurrection," a historical novel scheduled for release in 2015

"Jessi has written and edited sales materials, created curriculum, and written dozens of course workbooks for our clients, including Trump University. Jessi is not just a great editor. She knows how to adapt her writing style to suit the required voice for whatever product she works on. My company has benefited from her expertise on dozens of projects. I consider Jessi an indispensable member of our team."

James Burgin
President, BrandWithin

“The value Jessi has added to my book is inestimable. If you want someone to simply flatter your ego then choose a different editor, but if you want the very best editor, someone who will do an expert and thorough job and turn your book into something you can be truly proud of, then Jessi is the person you’re looking for. I already have an offer from a publisher, and know this would not have been the case without her professional editing. Absolutely brilliant!”

Peter Field
Life coach and author of "A Sense of Joy"
State of Washington
Washington State Teaching Certificate - K through 12
Awarded: 1987
Seattle Film Institute
3 semesters' coursework in screenwriting
1994 - 1995
University of Iowa
K-12 teacher certification
1987 - 1988
Maharishi European Research University
Master of Vedic Studies degree
1979 - 1981
Loyola University
Bachelor degree in English
1965 - 1969
Veritas Magazine
2010 - 2012
Fire Apparatus and Equipment Magazine
2008 - 2010
Senior Dynamics Magazine
Editor in Chief
2001 - 2007
MIU Press
Editor in Chief
1979 - 1982
Payment Terms
I recommend Elance escrow and the fixed-fee payment system for all projects.

James Burgin
Brand Within, owner
Created the writing portion of marketing and educational materials for various Brand Within clients, including Trump University. Marketing brochures and course books in real estate investment comprised the bulk of my work.
Michael Wagar
The Chronicle, executive editor
Produced "Senior Dynamics," a monthly 48-page tabloid-sized magazine for the seniors of Lewis County in Washington State - readership: 8,000. The parent company for this magazine was the daily newspaper in Centralia, Washington (The Chronicle).
Jessi Rita Hoffman | Elance

Jessi Rita Hoffman