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Jill McKellan

Ghostwriting Gone Wild/CRE8IVE ENERGY
   United States
  |   Wisconsin Rapids, WI
  |  5:02 pm Local Time


Your creative pursuits are my most exciting endeavors! This is because I am a passionate, creative, and committed professional ghostwriter, editor, coach, and consultant. You have big decisions to make in your hiring process and I welcome all questions you have for me. The best projects are the ones where my clients and I are on the same page before we start so the creative energy can start to flow.

Regardless of the size of a project, if I am involved, I am committed to its quality and integrity. Freelancing is my career and I love it. That's why I am efficient, dedicated, and always professional. I'm also the author of the CRE8IVE ENERGY series, and have a Facebook Page, YourCre8iveEnergy that is dedicated to writing and freelancing.

Invite me to bid on your project and discover the difference that working with me, Jill McKellan, makes. I live by my tagline of Ghostwriting Gone Wild!
Service Description
Service does not have to be complicated. I guarantee you my very best efforts when we work together. You will never question where your project is at and I am very accessible to email, talk via telephone, and Skype with you whenever you need me to. I am the eternal optimist and it comes naturally. I love what I do and know how fortunate I am to be given opportunities to keep doing it.

All of my clients are guaranteed the following services when we work together:
Research (if required)
Detailed, descriptive, and effective writing
Revisions as necessary
Communication through status reports and any other method requested

I encourage your questions and invitation to bid on your project. That is the best way to see for yourself what I would bring to your project. I am a fully committed provider that understands that your project is the most important one to you!

Be well and prosperous.

Jill McKellan
University of Wisconsin - Stout
Business Administration with a focus in Marketing
1985 - 1989
Payment Terms
I agree to and comply with all the terms of Elance Escrow.

Payment terms will be decided jointly with clients for larger projects.
Jill McKellan | Elance

Jill McKellan