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Jacqueline M.

All words are pegs to hang ideas on. ~ HW Beecher
   United States
  |   Arlington Heights, IL
  |  12:23 pm Local Time


Jacqueline is a creative writer, published poet, and has an MA in counseling psychology. She applies her quick wit and poetic craftsmanship to everything she writes - making even serious articles or papers an interesting read.

Jacqueline is adept at writing in any of the current internet or print formats (e.g., blogs, newsletters, ebooks, articles) and is an accomplished user of social media. She excels at spicing content with humor, and takes pride in delivering original, highly readable, and grammatically correct content.

Psychology, personal development, mindfulness, and relationships are subjects in which Jacqueline has expertise, and she has written numerous articles on health and nutrition topics. Her education is backed by 12 years experience as a licensed clinical counselor. Jacqueline has extensive knowledge of spiritual topics as well, and has a knack for putting anything into a rhyme.

Other employment: graphic design, teacher
Other education: BA in music
Service Description
All of my work is written, checked, re-written, and given a final proofreading.

I will keep you informed on the progress of your project.

All of my writing and re-writing is original. I do not use spin software.

If you need someone to hammer out articles at high speed, I am not the writer for you. (I'm not slow - just conscientious.)

State of Illinois
Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor
Awarded: 2002
Illinois School of Professional Psychology
MA Counseling Psychology
1997 - 1999
Kenneth Young Center
Licensed Clinical Counselor
1998 - 2011
Payment Terms
$20.00/hr minimum
Jacqueline M. | Elance

Jacqueline M.