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Jeremy M.

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Thank you for considering me as a possible candidate for your project. I look forward to editing and enhancing your photos, audio and videos. I also record voice-overs and specialize in small product photography and retouching as well as Real Estate and Architectural Photography and Retouching.

If you have a project for retouching interiors or exteriors for real estate, architectural or interior design, you'll find that I'm a perfect fit for the job. Over the years I've learned what it takes to create images that are more pleasing to the eye, have greater dynamic range and have truer to life colors of the actual scene.

Please feel free to explore my profile, view ratings, customer feedback and view my portfolio. I'll be looking forward to working with you on your next project!
Service Description
Real Estate and Architecture

My specialty is Real Estate and Architectural Photography and Retouching. This can include basic lens and color corrections, advanced selective color corrections, TV screens and sky replacements, straightening verticals, merging exposures via HDR, Exposure Fusion or blending, and restoring details that have been lost in highlights and shadows.

Other advanced features include repairing tears in wallpaper or floors with complex patterns, smoothing out pillows, sheets and table cloths and removing detracting objects. All this and more will give your interior / exterior images a more professional polished look.

Product Photography and Retouching:

I had originally started my career in photography as a product photographer, working for a major television shopping network, Shop at Home TV. There I had first hand experience photographing and retouching jewelry, electronics, sports memorabilia, beauty products, coins, collectibles and clothing. I have sense then worked for other companies retouching and/or photographing products.

Audio Editing and Voice-Overs

If you're looking for voice-overs for instructional videos or commercials I can record clean high quality audio to match your videos. In addition, you may also send me your audio or video files to enhance the quality with EQ, maximize volume, remove distortions and background noises.

I've had the great pleasure of working with many talented artists and clients. Here's a short list of some of those that I've worked with and their feedback.

Jamsan Hotel Management Inc

'Jeremy used some hefty techniques, was open to changes, very quick in responding, and met the job deadlines and requirements. A good hire.'

Photographer Michael Dweck

'Really worked hard to solve the problem given to him. Will continue working together for sure'

Nikolas Wienstein Studios

'All in all, a very professional and adept contractor. I would recommend him for advanced photoshop image editing.'

HD Perfect

'Great communication. Always willing to tweak if we needed something tweaked. Will definitely use again.'

Lesend Pty Ltd
Australia Real Estate

'Jeremy did a great job in helping me and went out of his way to offer more than was expected or agreed on! Highly recommend Jeremy, he offers a very professional service and quality work! '

Virtual Tour Cafe

'Excellent service and very knowledgeable in photography and photo editing. I would highly recommend his service and will use again!'

DressWise Islamic Clothing

'Contractor understood the project from the start. Communication was excellent, considering the time differences. I would use the contractor again, as ive experienced, cheaper is not always better - understanding a project is the BIGGEST factor. Thanks...'

Alpha Grillers

'I was extremely impressed with Jeremy's work, so much so that I decided to pay him more than we originally agreed on as a bonus to show my appreciation for his hard work. Communications were very quick and clear. Quality of photography and photo editing was excellent - better than I expected. He is very professional and knowledgeable. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a top quality photographer, photo editor, or both. Thanks!'

FreshBooks (beta testing only)

'Thanks for the positive experience - great job!'

Statements 2000

'Great quality work, very professional. Will use this freelancer for ongoing and future projects. Highly recommended! '

Feel free to browse though my portfolio for samples. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask and I'll be happy to address them.

Jeremy McCloud
Creative Professional
Photoshop Masking & Compositing: Fundamentals
Awarded: 2012
Shooting and Processing High Dynamic Range Photogr
Awarded: 2012
Photo Restoration with Photoshop
Awarded: 2012
Photoshop Masking & Compositing: Advanced Blending
Awarded: 2012
Photoshop Masking & Compositing: Hair
Awarded: 2012
Alpha Grillers
Photographer and Digital Image Editor
2013 - Present
Alpha Grillers sell High Quality BBQ Tools And Accessories.
JHM Hotel Management
Digital Image Editor
2012 - Present
Jamsan Hotels Management Inc. is a privately owned hotel management company based Lexington, Massachusetts. They are a mid sized national hotel management company, which is recognized by its investors, franchisers and clients.
Hospitality V Marketing
Digital Image Editor
2012 - 2013
HvM produces captivating HD Photography, Virtual Tours, HD-Film™ and engaging online Intuitive Sales/ Marketing Tools.
Aromatherapy Naturals
Product Photographer and Image Editor
2012 - 2012
Natural Aromatherapy Home Cleaning Products that are Made with Natural Ingredients and Pure Essential Oils.
Tulip Nails
Photographer and Digital Image Editor
2012 - 2012
Tulip Nails is a nail salon located in Nashville, TN.
GC Music Studio
Real Estate Photography & Digital Image Editor
2012 - 2012
GC Music Studio allows you to hire professional live studio musicians and a producer to record your project and song demos.
Black Diamond Lights
Digital Image Editor
2012 - 2012
Black Diamond Lights is a premium LED Grow Light Company offering one of the most efficient ways to grow plants. Retouching and editing was done to create professional looking images for their website.
Tourism Media
2012 - 2012
Tourism Media is a digital content production and publishing company committed to showcasing the best this incredible planet and its peoples have to offer. Their areas of professional passion include database design and implementation, rapid data-development solutions, rich media production and web integration and publishing. They are currently partnering with the Expedia brands to produce global and local travel destination content, and to roll out horizon-expanding online experiences for travelers the world over.
Shop at Home TV
Product Photographer
2007 - 2008
Professionally photograph merchandise using high end cameras, strobe lights and lighting meters. Utilize special lighting techniques to eliminate shadows and glares. Calibrate colors and correct shadows and highlights using Adobe Photoshop and Bridge to get the most accurate representation of a product.
Payment Terms
All clients are required to be payment verified. Once a project or milestone is completed, it will be required to process payment for that project or milestone before moving on to the next.
Michael Dweck
Michael Dweck, Photographer
Simple retouch work of photos taken of gallery peaces from photographer Michael Dweck from the Habana Libre Gallery for use on his website.
Gary Carter
GC Music Studios, Owner
Interior photography of a music recording studio, used to showcase on their website.
Jeremy M. | Elance

Jeremy M.