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Jeffrey McGuffee

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   United States
  |   Edmond, OK
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I currently live in Oklahoma and have a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science. I have done some web programming for Metroshoe Warehouse and other small projects for school. I am looking foward to doing some programming for people to better help them with their business needs.
Service Description
Web Services Offered
---------Frameworks - Zend, CodeIgniter, CakePHP
---------CMS - Custom
---------ECommerce - Custom
--------Frameworks - Django
--------Frameworks - Webforms, MVC 2+
--------CMS - Dot Net Nuke
-------MVC Development
-------JSF, JSP

All Server languages come with the knowledge of HTML5/CSS3/Javascript and jQuery

Software Services
--C++, using Linux or Visual Studio
--Java, using NetBeans, JDeveloper, or Eclipse
--VB or C#, using Visual Studio 2010 or 2012

---Android Application Development

Please browse my latest jobs to see ratings received from clients and message me if you are interested in seeing more examples
University of Central Oklahoma
Masters of Applied Mathematics - Computer Science
2012 -
University of Central Oklahoma
Computer Science - Information Science
2002 - 2010
OU Health Science Center
IT Analyst
2012 - Present
PeopleSoft developer/ .Net developer with C#. DotNetNuke CMS
Innvoative Web IT
2010 - Present
Company designed in IT support and Web/Application based programming.
Database Programmer
2012 - 2012
PL/SQL Programmer for SAIC
Payment Terms
< $500 - Payment will be payed when project is completed
$500 - $1000 - Milestone will be set midway through project for half and then final half on project completion.
$1000-$5000 - 10% payed up-front, half at mid-milestone, final half on project completion
$5000 - $10000 - 10% payed up front, milestones will be determined. Payments will be determined by (Amount - 10%) / milestones
$10000+ - 10%, up to $15000, payed up front, payments at milestones will be aranged upon further communication.
Jeffrey McGuffee | Elance

Jeffrey McGuffee