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Jacqueline M.

Web Application Programmer
   United States
  |   Taunton, MA


An Innovative Web Designer/Developer with broad based experience planning, developing, and executing Internet and Intranet solutions. I have a Web Design as well as a Web Application Development Certificate form Boston University. I work with both front end and backend programming.

I am looking for part time programming projects, preferably using .NET, C# and SQL, but willing to look at other opportunities as well.
Service Description

Appling .NET development skills to the analysis, design, development, integrate internal custom web applications for several business entities.
ASP.NET – business and technical problems using Microsoft development technologies including C#, ASP.NET, AJAX and .NET Framework
SQL – analyzing and writing complex queries and stored procedures
ADO.NET – used to bind to controls, business objects, XML schemas, and Crystal Reports, I custom created for the individual project.

Web Developer/Programmer (Contract)
Designed and developed a secure car cleaning system and web base credit card deposit programs that worked with there existing intranet for all Boch dealerships.
ASP.NET – Used Visual Studio 2008, VB.NET and SQL server 2005 to develop a web interface for Boch dealers to enter car deposits with Authorized.net (sending and retrieving data), then updated the necessary tables using store procedures. If approved a receipt would be created to print or email.
ASP – Used JavaScript, VB Script and SQL 2005 to create a car cleaning systems. Dynamically created the cleaning options that filling a drop down list or create check boxes with database information by exclusivity, vehicle information could be obtained by entering Track Id, Stock Number or Vin Number. Orders could be viewed, edited or deleted depending on login credential hierarchy. Once order statue was set to cleaned an invoice could be created by selecting dates, cleaning options and vendor information. Invoice data entered into SQL tables, for future viewing.

Web Developer/Programmer
Created all server side code for their new products cross-media products ASP.NET – Used Visual Studio 2005, C# and VB.NET to develop custom PURLS (personalized ULRS) for customer mailers. Configured all code (with VS web forms, code-behind and classes) for online Web-to-Print Stores.
JavaScript – Used for client side code.
Web Services – Used uploading all customized company information, customers information into databases for mailers, uploading images, instantly creating PDF proofs and emailing the completed stream file to the customer or press.
SQL Server 2005 – Used to dynamically updated and maintain sites.

Web Administrator/Developer
Developed, and implemented Web-Internet site using ASP, JavaScript, VB Script, HTML CCS and Flash.
Creating, implementing, and managing Retailer Extranet Site using ASP.NET, VB, and Visual Studio 2003.
Designed, created and administered SQL database tables and stored procedures for Intranet and Extranet use, as well as helping maintaining internal company data.
ASP – used to for dynamic pages for the consumer Website.
JavaScript – Used for client side code and CSS – To create maintained stability across web pages.
VB Script – Used for sever side code
ASP.NET – VB.NET – Used Visual Studio 2003 for interactive dynamic pages for Extranet Site
SQL Server 2000 – Used to dynamically updated and maintain sites.
PHP – Modified eCommerce temples design and functionality to conform to our objectives.

Web Development Contract
Analyzed, designed, developed, and implemented Web-based applications using ASP JavaScript, VB Script, Cold Fusion and other applications.
Created and administered multi-user relational database applications and data collecting online forms using Oracle and SQL for Intranet use, to assist in management decisions.
ASP – used to convert static web pages into interactive dynamic pages used by North East District.
JavaScript – Used for client side code
VB Script – Used for sever side code
SQL – Used to create new databases to be dynamically updated on line or by user input.
Boston University, Computer Career Programs
Web Application Developer Certification
Awarded: 2001
Boston University, Computer Career Programs
Web Designer Certification
Awarded: 2000
Payment Terms
I prefer payments using escrow service.

Payment schedule:
25% due upon first milestone completion
25% due upon second milestone completion
25% due upon third milestone completion
25% due upon project completion
Jacqueline M. | Elance

Jacqueline M.