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Jordan Prince

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I work as a professional Ruby and Angular developer. I prefer to build my front-ends in Angular and my backends using Rails.
Service Description
I'm a RoR and Angular JS developer who loves to learn new things. I have many public RubyGems out in the ether that are being used in production platforms:

RedisStorageMethods, a gem that allows you to duplicate objects in a SQL database and a Redis store simultaneously and transparently.

Zimbreasy, a gem that interfaces with the Zimbra API.

Cachely, transparent method level caching with Redis:

I build the LoginRadius Ruby Gem for

I also have experience integrating with LexisNexis, Propertyware, LiveOps and Microbilt APIs, but that work is proprietary and can't be listed here.

University of Virginia
Physics Bachelors of Science
2006 - 2010
Eagle Consulting
Lead Developer
2013 - Present
My consulting firm.
Pangea Real Estate
Lead Developer
2012 - Present
Create Ruby apps for enterprise solutions.
Battlehard Games
Lead Developer
2009 - 2011
Lead the development team in charge of making A.I. Wars and Steampunk Wars.( This game has since closed down for a newer version, but the site still remains. User signup is no longer allowed. To access the game, use the test account login info: Username: testacct Password: 4p5v3sxQ Click "Sign In" on the home page, Then click "here" where it asks if you already have an account, then when it asks you to link to facebook, ignore it and click "here" by I don't have a facebook profile, and use this login information. You'll be let into a demo account!
Moverang LLC
Lead Developer
2010 - 2010
Spearheaded the development on the website for Moverang, an online change of address service. Unfortunately, the company went under, but I gained a lot of Ruby on Rails experience!
2006 - 2010
Developed a Java simulation of tidal crack formation on Europa to develop an upper limit on the non-synchronous rotation rate of the planet under the advisement of Dr. Terry Hurford at NASA.
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