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I am ranked 9th out of over 14,000 resume writers here on Elance. I have been both a hiring executive and management recruiter.

Here is a bit more about me:
I am an Aerospace Engineer
A Marketing Executive
A Hiring Executive
A Management Recruiter

I hold a Masters Degree in Engineering, and an MBA with a concentration in Marketing.

I have written resumes for Almost every job discipline
Entry Level Blue Collar personnel on the shop floor
Top Level Executives in the corner office

II have written resumes for clients from both profit and non profit organizations. In addition, I have an international component to my business. I?ve written resumes for residents of Afghanistan, Cambodia, Israel, Kuwait, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia, Canada, the UK, Europe, Sweden, France, Hungary, Abu Dhabi, India, Iran, Iraq, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, and, oh yes, the USA.
Service Description
I have been an Engineer, a Salesman, a Marketing Executive, a Project Manager, a Hiring Executive and a Management Recruiter.

Critical Information You Need to Supply & Information You Need:

1) Objective:

Your resume needs an Objective. An Objective is very important and always goes at the top. The Objective must be thought out very carefully. The Objective is the only place on the resume where you can talk about the future. We work together on this.

2) Strengths:

I will list your strengths based what you tell me and what I see in the documentation you provide me.
There are five critical keywords that must be on every resume, in one form or another. I integrate these into your strengths to make sure that they are on the resume. The five critical keywords often show up in other sections as well.

3) Accomplishments & Quantifiable Accomplishments:

Accomplishments and Quantifiable Accomplishments go here. The hiring manager wants to see what you can do for him. An example might make this clearer. You might say: "Provide guidance and leadership for associates to keep them motivated." How much better it would be if you could say "Provide guidance and leadership for 17 associates to keep them motivated which increased productivity 17% in the third quarter." The second statement is a Quantitative Accomplishment while the first is not.

Now, we NEVER lie on a resume. But no one will fault you for your best estimate or your best recollection. Go thru your resume and see if you can add numbers to your accomplishments. I need about 6 good ones. But I will work with what I can get.

4) Career History:

Provide a simple list of your employment for the last 10 or 12 years. Company name, address, your job title, start date and end date. Provide a short description of your duties.

Explanation: Accomplishments have been listed above and need not be listed again here. Any employment over 10 to 12 years is irrelevant. Life and technology have past it by. No one carried a cell phone or watched a flat screen TV or used a GPS. You didn?t ?Friend? anybody on Facebook or have a LinkedIn account 10 or 12 years ago.

5) Education:

List all schooling and training
List Important Certifications

6) Miscellaneous (May or May Not Be Used)

List all relevant licenses and permits
List hobbies and interests that you think will add to your resume.
List relevant volunteer work

Resumes are scanned into a resume database by HR when they are received.

There are five critical keywords that will increase the probabilities that your resume will be selected from the hundreds of other resumes in the HR Database.

The following is my mini resume to show the level of my experience and training

******Bachelors Degree Engineering Mechanics
******Masters Degree Engineering (ET)
******Masters Degree Business
******Management Recruiter
******Unique Interpersonal Skills
******Excellent Presentation Skills
******Computer Literate
******Internet Research Specialist
******Technical Writer

Service provided will be per the bid request, bid proposal and the subsequently agreed upon business terms.

Department of Motor Vehicles
California Drivers License
Awarded: 2011
County Department of Animal Control
Molly Fogelson Dog License
Awarded: 2011
Wichita State University
Masters Business Administration
1973 - 1976
Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute
Master of Science in Engineering (ET)
1963 - 1966
Lehigh University
Bachelor Of Science Engineering Mechanics
1956 - 1960
Payment Terms
Payment should be placed in Elance escrow before work is started. This protects both the client and the provider.

I accept very few hourly projects. Sorry.
Joel F. | Elance

Joel F.