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New Galaxy Enterprises

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About the Company

My name is Johnny Blue Star. I founded New Galaxy Enterprises as a media company for the purpose of assisting individuals and businesses in developing and promoting original media content to perfect their personal or corporate vision.

One of our main interests is assisting in the creation of book and film franchise packages. Although previous to the formation of this company, I had written quite a number of books and many, many screenplays, I realized that the promotion and marketing of these products was going through vast changes owing to the on-going convergence through the Internet.

My focus is clear. I am specifically interested helping people realize their most perfect vision of themselves, their business or their special media project - their own specific media dream.
Service Description

I specialize in content development for media. This means I can work with you and advise on projects as diverse as promoting yourself and your vision through bios, resumes and social networking profiles; on web and commercial content; on live action film, animation and documentary content development projects; on non-fiction books, novels and ebooks, on sales letters and ecourses. I have experience in all these areas.


I am a widely experienced freelance writer, journalist and screenwriter. My experience includes press releases, resumes and cover letters, advertising copy for radio and Internet, articles, television live-action animation pilots, web content and development, novels, poetry, plays, short stories, songwriting, full length commercial screenplays, front page reporting, writing for magazines and newspapers, editing magazines, newspapers and newsletters and non-fiction books. I am more diverse and more experienced than most freelance writers. That is because, throughout my career, I took a lot of speculative risks, working on major media projects because I was eager to learn, regardless of pay-back.


After years of working in diverse media- for radio, television, magazines, newspapers, including a great deal of time investing in my own proprietary projects ranging from full length books to feature films and complex web projects, I decided to create a highly diverse freelance writing business. I believed then, as I do now after have working with dozens of clients, that my services, based on my own unique experience, make me ideally qualified to help almost anyone improve their business, their personal outreach to the world and, in some cases, to help them realize their cherished media dreams.


When I became a freelance writer, I gave a lot of thought as to how I would like to be treated if I was a client. I then decided to look at each client as though the client her or she were a major producer, publisher, author, businessperson or artist, who expects me to support their project and take it to its most perfect expression. Not only would I help them achieve what might have been before an impossible dream and level the playing field for their creative expression to actually materialize- but I would also give them the respect that the world of media generally withholds from anyone but the super rich and super famous. My efforts included, therefore, a commitment to their project that demands from me the utmost in depth, speed, accuracy and creativity, but also to each of them as individuals, as bearers of a creative gift to the world.


I have successfully entered into several very satisfying and challenging collaboration projects over the last few years. They have included screenplays and book collaborations and in two cases, dual projects, where I created both the screenplay and book. In a collaboration agreement, I participate in the marketing of your project and you recoup your money before we split advances, royalties and other revenue streams. I currently am developing several multi-film franchise projects that include packages consisting of original music, artwork and promotional material, a stage play; a television series and a digital music album, consisting of songs by Edgar Arens, a Russian composer and myself.


In my business, I combine both client-based services with collaboration arrangements, which has given me the ability to serve others and my desire to create the proper financial foundations for my own entrepreneurship in various media. I look carefully at each of my client's projects and try to use my insight and experience to expand their vision. To this end, I am very carefully to look at each of my clients in the way I would look at any significant producer or artist who wants to work with an effective member of their creative team to help them build their project the way they envision it. This requires a disciplined understanding of the value of selflessness and empathy, which I think is reflected in many beneficial outcomes and many satisfied clients.

University of Tulsa
Bachelor of Science - Communications
- 1980
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Payment Terms
Payment terms vary with specific project. Please contact me for more information.
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