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Jonathan Pitcher

Expert LAMP programmer with over 12 years
   United States
  |   Olathe, KS
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I have used PHP and MySQL to build complex workflow systems, backend API systems that take over 1 million transactions a day, Front end customizable templating systems.

There has not been an an issue I have not been able to solve with PHP. If it is a simple project or a multi-million dollar project, I have scoped and developed them all.

You are who I work for, and I can't stand an unsatisfied Employeer.
Service Description
I work with PHP, MySQL, SOAP, Linux Administration, Cron and backend scripting to make a solution that works uniquely for each customer.

Over the past 12 years I have worn multiple hats. It was never just PHP, or just MySQL. It was always a combination of multiple hats.

This gives me a view of the larger picture, sometime the best programmers write horribly slow and clunky SQL, while sometimes DBadmins write horrible PHP.

I bring all my experiences to the table to make a total solution that fits your needs. I am not just here to code and get a paycheck. My work is what I enjoy, and I enjoy, solving problems and making customers happy.
Nuvio, INC
Senior Application Developer
2007 - 2012
Built and Maintained a cutting edge, mulit-million dollar phone system, using LAMP, XML and Freeswitch. Created a public facing API using SOAP and LAMP Built in Multi-Tier user structure for accessing and controlling data Seperate security for each function by access rules and tier structure. Tested and maintained API in development cycle using SVN Documented and trained customers on API usage Built and OSS (Operation Support System) using API Took the public API calls and added business logic to them, to create a portal where customer support, wholesalers and resellers could control, manage and add their users, device, phone numbers and packages to accounts. Built a Customer facing portal Took the public API calls and built a public web portal for customers to use to manage their specific phone options and call routing. Supported and maintained MySQL replication master servers and slaves. Created Master and Slave servers for primary and secondary database servers for phone system and Website information. Created reporting and backup server to handle backup and process intensive reports without impacting the main servers loads. used PHP, MySQL and CRON to create a system of reports that would show usage in a more automated fashion. Implemented External API for CRM system and multiple test environments for connections to external billing API platforms. Integrated Amazon EC2 infrastructure. Structure was used for offline database and report backup using S3 Test environment was built and used on EC2 platform Built implementation plan and test case for MySQL move to NBD cluster
Project / Programmer Lead
2006 - 2007
Project Lead on Multiple web application projects MotionU ( Internal Survey System for ( Mentee’s logged in and evaluated Mentors performances at their meetings Mentors logged in and entered meeting and evaluated mentee’s performances Administrators could pull all records of meetings and also got reports on when a Mentor / Mentee’s where starting to report rough times with their Mentor / Mentee’s Managed, Installed and Updated LAMP servers Created installation guidelines / instructions to increase the efficiency and recude the time cost of bringing up a LAMP server. Managed process, from Operation System Instalation, through to full server install at datacenter. Project requirement gathering and scoping Built indepth scope documents to show CEO planned development timelines, major functionality and major project goals. Used scopes to build development plans for development team Managed a team of developers in China Using LAMP and SVN we built the first couple revisions of MotionU. Manage MySQL servers. Manage replication between multiple boxes. Setup slave servers for lighter load on master boxes
Capitol Federal Savings
2000 - 2006
Created a change control process for Using LAMP the change Control process allowed for a double approval and double sign off of changes implemented and uploaded to Each change was documented and stored with approval offline as well as online Recommended, purchased and setup hosting and servers Moved from a 20 dollar hosting platform to a more secure hosting platform. Hosting platform was also used to handle a larger traffic growth. Created Reporting system so traffic information and status could be of more use to upper management. Traffic and usage reports where automated so media could be purchased more quickly on campaigns that where more successful.
Payment Terms
I am open to most payment terms. Anything is worth discussing.
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Jonathan Pitcher