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Ioannis T.

Joomla Development Specialist - Joomla at its best
  |   Athens, Attiki
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I am ranked in the Top 1% of Elance's Joomla test takers. My expertise is on Joomla, HTML, CSS, PHP.
I provide quality Joomla Services for Templates (responsive), Extensions, Customization, Optimization, Speed, SEO and general support, but I am also supporting Wordpress, themes, plugins etc.

Apart of the Web Development Services, I have more than 13 years of experience in Computers and Software Support / Usage, and you can count on me for your software needs - especially Mac OS X users, that will help you drive your business and computer needs forward.

I am looking to establish long term relationships with customers who will appreciate my work ethics and my passion for quality results that comes after hard-work.

Most important: If you find in your inbox my bid, this is sign that I am really keen on working on your project.
I fully dedicate on the projects I take on, and never compromise on quality.

Reliability - Hard Work - Quality - Customer Satisfactio
Service Description
Everything around Joomla Services:
Okay, here we are! First I have to admit, I am a Joomla fan. Joomla is a powerful CMS that has evolved amazingly through the years. Current Joomla 3 version, provides stability, flexibility and power. At the right hands, Joomla can be tweaked and customized at a great level to meet any customer requirements. In many cases, and unless there are requirements for specific extensions, Joomla core will provide everything needed to build a clean, lightweight, stable and quality website, without the need of dozens of extensions/plugins that make the system heavy, in order to achieve simple and obvious requirements.

My full list of Joomla Services includes:
- Websites - Upgrades - Development - Extensions - Modules - Templates
- Joomla Templates / Joomla Responsive
- Joomla Customization (extensions/templates)
- Joomla Maintenance, Support & Training
- Joomla SEO
- Joomla Speed Optimization
- Joomla Security
- Joomla Forms integrations
- Joomla Custom Form Apps - Fabrik Applications
- Web Hosting with personal Support on my Joomla Optimized Server.

Wordpress is the most popular Blogging Tool/CMS these days. It has also evolved that much since its early stages, that today there are thousands of plugins that extend its core functionality and similarly at the right hands wordpress can be used to build a variety of quality websites.

My Wordpress list of Services:
- Wordpress Website Development
- Wordpress Themes / Responsive
- Wordpress Support
- Wordpress Customization - Plugins

General WebDesign / Development Services:
- Responsive WebDesign
- Wed Design - Development with HTML/ CSS / PHP

- Audio Editing - Production
- Video Editing - Production

Other IT and Consultancy Services:
- Data Entry
- Filemaker
- Mac OS X Remote Support & Training

Elance WorkRoom, Email, Skype, Phone, Screen Sharing / Remote
Responsive Support
Documentation (Video / Documents)
Payment Terms
*Please, make sure you have read those basic terms and that you agree, before we start working together. The following payment terms indicate how a fixed price project should be planned.
Keep in mind that no work will start if the first escrow payment has not been completed.

- Upfront fully escrow fund of the project.

PROJECTS $100 - $1000.
- 30% upfront escrow fund
- Then custom milestones as defined after our discussion on the project requirements.

PROJECTS > $1000 (means projects larger than average).
- 15% Prepayment in order to establish the relationship and for the preparation of the project like planning and the first steps. (Show me that you mean it).
- 20% Upfront escrow fund for the first tasks.
- Then custom milestones as defined after our discussion on the project requirements. Previous milestones have to be paid and future milestones escrow funded as we proceed.

* No work will be delivered to you, without first being fully paid.

I can guarantee for high quality work in a minimum time, however the turn around time it 's solely dependent on the type of project and its specific requirements.

I provide free support for any project for up to 1 month after completion.
However Support is limited to bugs and problems found and does not include further development, additions or alterations to the original project.

DOCUMENTATION: If required, have to be asked upfront and will add to the total cost.

TRAINING: 1,2 hours of presentation on the basic usage of the delivered project, if required.

The original project and its features will be defined before we start working together. Requirements changes during the development are possible but they may affect the final price and time of delivery.

Extra costs that might occur working on your project (e.g. purchases of software, hosting charges, etc) are your responsibility and have to be paid up front the project, in case you require me to obtain them for your project, except if our agreement includes them in the final price.

I will try to make sure that we have defined the requirements of your project and have well thought plan to follow.

It is possible to keep our partnership alive for your current or other projects. However, if this is not specified in our current terms and proposal, a new agreement is required.
Ioannis T. | Elance

Ioannis T.