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Senra Media

Media company based in London
   United Kingdom
  |   london, london
  |  10:12 am Local Time

About the Company

We are a media company based in london that specialize on logo design, web design and translation.

Service Description
Logo design:

Logo Design is the first thing you need to think about when starting a new business. Your logo design is a very important decision so make sure that you pick the right company to help.

Web design:

“In today’s digital age, a well built website is an essential channel for businesses to reach and expand their customer base."
A successful site can be a point of reference, a marketing tool and even a checkout for many companies for whom the internet has opened up vast new opportunities for connecting to their customers.
Here at Senra Design we know what makes a successful website. Put simply, it is great design and this encompasses a number of things. Attractive, striking sites catch the eye but to keep a user on your page it must read well and be easily navigable. It should also mirror your company, your brand and your customers.
We are experts in designing and building sites which hit the nail on the head, jumping through these key hoops in all these areas to make our websites truly effective for our clients. When a client approaches us to build a website we take time to identify their site’s objectives and target demographic, then we carefully package their corporate message and convey it online, creating sparkling sites which stand out and get noticed.


We offer professional translation for websites and business.


General: Books, Essay, Speech, Reports, Correspondence, Journal articles, Research papers, Press releases, articles, Forms, Handbooks Manuals, Fliers, Promotion materials, Brochures, Restaurant Menus, Catering etc.
Business: Financial, Banking, Logistics, Shipping,
Technical: IT, Hardware, Software, Machinery, Electronic.
Others: Websites Advertising and Marketing, Tourist and Hospitality ,Insurance, Automotive, Construction and Building Trade, Education and Training , Real Estate, Human Resources ,Employee handbooks and Medical and Healthcare

Logo design, web design, Translation english-spanish, translation spanish-english
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Senra Media