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About the Company

With over 10+ years of experience in B2B Lead Generation, we provide a wide range of customized solutions in data auditing & profiling and sales lead management to help you enhance response and effectiveness of your marketing & sales initiatives.

Lead Generation process is unique for each type of business, sometimes flexibility or challenges becomes inevitable. Thus the entire process is done manually so as to adapt to any kind of your requirements.

We have our own premium LinkedIn account for lead generation. Some of the leading tools that we use in practices are
Email Marketing - MS Outlook, MailChimp, iContact, GetResponse etc
Email Verification - Rapportive, Kick Box, SMTP, etc
CRM - Salesforce, Infusionsoft, etc
Reporting - MS Office, Google Documents, Smart Sheets, Knack, etc
Service Description
Lead Generation is a marketing process that stimulates interest in a product or service. This process involves identifying your prospective customers and qualifying their likelihood to buy in advance of making a sales call. In short, it’s about motivating prospects to raise their hands.


To enhance marketability, you need to put more emphasis on data quality by auditing your data regularly i.e., checking your database for errors and making sure that you have a complete, accurate and reliable data.

In data auditing, we email the contacts on your database to confirm the accuracy of business information, retrieve missing details and eliminate the duplicate & invalid data. In data profiling, we append your database with contacts of your targeted criteria and validate the contact names, numbers, postal & email addresses.

This is all about filling your sales pipeline with warm and pre-qualified leads for your outbound marketing campaigns. A highly customized targeted prospect list is a great resource for your direct mail, email & telemarketing initiatives.

We begin with compiling a list of companies based on the industry categories & subcategories, SIC codes, NAICS codes or from events like trade shows, seminars, exhibitors, webinars. The list acquired is refined by performing an Internet Research with different keyword variations. For each companies, we review the company's website and research for firmographic (Company Name, Company Size, Company Location, Revenue, Number of Divisions, Number of Products/Services, Geographic Markets served, Industry), demographic information (Gender, Title, Company, Years of Experience, Personal Email vs. Corporate Email) and based on the set criteria's filter the targeted list.

Through internet research each company's targeted leads of specific departments or title levels is obtained and information such as name, address, email, phone, job title etc. are gathered in a format that is universal to your organisation so as to help in organizing, segmenting and analyzing the data.

By using email verification tools the email addresses are validated and invalid emails are replaced. Any contact that has bounced back from the sales department as invalid is also updated or replaced.

Assistance in digital marketing back end jobs requires sound technical and analytical skills. Be it a one to one personalized emailing, approving listing in back-end database, uploading or updating images or contents in e-commerce websites etc, we will be able to assist in ongoing basis. In short, any remote executive solutions that requires deep set skills, in-depth knowledge or that supports your unique business goals can be handled by our team.
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Awarded: 2013
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We have served more than 500 clients with great customer satisfaction, thus 90% of our clients have opt to use our services on a repeat or ongoing basis.

Understanding the true wants of client is the first step towards any successful project. Thus we conduct a detailed discussion with the client and review the business objectives, goal, market opportunities and target audience etc. Every client will not be aware of the latest technologies, so we also guide them in choosing the right tools.

Sometimes a primary research about the market spread & target audience or an initial audit of existing data is required prior to the commencement of the process. This help in determining the challenges & opportunities available which in turn aid in planning a cost effective Lead Generation process.

Based on the analysis, we derive a Lead Generation Strategy and provide a sample work to client for review before project initiation. In certain cases, a sample might not be enough to get a clear picture, so we provide a couple of hours report to get a better insight. This ensures that the client has a preview of the outcome of the process as well as to opt for any necessary changes to improve the end result.

Each Lead Generation process is unique and customized so planning of milestones, budgets, responsibilities and critical dates ahead assists the clients in organizing their present or future marketing or sales activities. Sometimes client approval becomes mandatory at each milestones, where based on the client’s availability progress of the work in planned.

Considering the quantity of work, milestones, budgets and preferences, single or multiple people are assigned to the project. Every member of the team have vast experience in Lead Generation and are personally trained by us in latest tools and technologies.

Each report will go undergo a thorough Quality Checking before sent to the client’ email. Regular reporting will be done on the planned dates. In case of client review requested along with the reporting, we wait for the comments before proceeding further.

Invoices are sent either on weekly basis or on completion of each milestone. We accept payment through Elance Escrow or Paypal. We give 3 - 7 days of time for payment but any further delays shall not be considered professional. On such cases, either the work or report shall be hold off at our end.

For Escrow-Based projects: We will commence the work only after the terms are accepted and the escrow is funded.

For Invoice-Based projects: We will commence the work only after the terms are accepted. Payment should be made within 7 days of invoice unless otherwise agreed.
Prerna Gupta
Yaari.com, Chief Executive Officer
Yaari LLC, Atlanta, USA
Luca M. Sergio
WaveLight, Inc., Vice President, Marketing
Baltimore, USA Job Description: Compiling a list of Venture Capital Firms in Boston.
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