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Jocelyn Macdonald

Pure Poetry
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"I always turn to Jocelyn when I need help lining up what I am trying to say with what I mean, and her writerly edits consistently sharpen the focus on both the form and content of everything she touches." - Joe Boxman, CEO Kotodama Linguistics, Japanese to English translation firm.

With a BA in English Literature, my writing, whether corporate copy, light pieces, or investigative journalism comes with a touch of the poet.

Serving as the editor for an e-book start-up, as well as a copyeditor for one of America's finest poetry presses, my work is always polished; every word and punctuation mark is deliberately and expertly deployed.
Service Description
Able to deliver under tight deadlines and produce well-researched and interesting articles on any subject you can throw at me.

Writing corporate copy (statements of mission, identity, product and service descriptions, etc.), marketing material (brochures, websites, press releases, etc.), development materials (grants, letters of solicitation, thank you letters) are where the bulk of my experience lies. I also have experience blogging and writing for social media, with emphasis on search engine optimization (SEO).

As an editor, I am adept at fixing others' substandard, confused, and/or ungrammatical copy. I am a great ghostwriter; I easily and authentically assume the persona of the "writer" or "narrat25or." I'm also available for consulting, especially for fiction, poetry, and journalistic nonfiction.
Earlham College
Bachelor's Degree in English Language and Literatu
University of Washington
Editing Certification
Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis
2007 - 2007
Office Administrator
2011 - Present
In addition to typical office management, scheduling, invoicing, billing, ordering, I am responsible for a variety of outward-facing communications. I have copyedited marketing materials, blog posts and web copy. I have written blog posts for
Indoorsy Co.
founder and sole proprietor
2010 - Present
Generated and edited content for a wide variety of clients, ranging from marketing and public relations material to educational articles and website design.
Copper Canyon Press
Editorial and Production Intern
2010 - 2010
Wrote publicity materials, administered social networking presence, and facilitated customer service for authors, readers, media organizations and academia. Assisted with production in PageMaker and Photoshop, researching permissions and coding ebook digital rights management formats.
Trillium Classics
Series Editor
2009 - 2009
Managed author relations, supervised programming department, directed web design for and maintained marketing blog. Designed covers, edited and administered production of EPUB and Amazon Kindle ebook editions for upstart publishing house.
Earlhamite: The alumni magazine of Earlham College
Editorial Assistant
2009 - 2009
Administered a back issues database, wrote feature stories and performed copy-editing and layout for print and online editions of the Earlhamite.
Payment Terms
For writing, $0.05-0.25/word, depending on expertise required. The by-word rate is exclusive to copy that does not require heavy research.

For journalistic or research-heavy pieces, the price will be fixed based on how fun I think your project will be (more fun > less money, less fun > more money).

For copyediting, rates differ depending on the extent of copyediting (do you need heavy or light editing? some developmental or production?). For small projects, 50% is due up front before work begins. Remaining payments will be based on completion of mutually agreed upon milestones.

Consulting and developmental editing for book production, marketing or development copy, whether by phone, email, or in person, is $40/hour. Large projects may be negotiated by the project, rather than by the hour.

The client has thirty days from date of invoice to remit payment, after which there is a 2% service charge.

Laura S.
Facing the Future, Program Director
Writing 23 stories (300 words each) for a high-school level textbook about sustainability and global issues. Here is what Laura had to say about my writing: "Jocelyn has been wonderful to work with. She is a fast learner and able to truly understand the essence of a project. We hired Jocelyn to help us turn first-person interview into nonfiction stories. Her clever, creative writing style made the stories very interesting and highly readable. Jocelyn has strong communication skills. Obviously she's a good writer; she's also communicates well verbally. That makes project facilitation easy. She understands the big picture, she asks good clarifying questions, and she follows through."
Jocelyn Macdonald | Elance

Jocelyn Macdonald