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About the Company

"JurisWord" is the e-commerce legal and business consulting service of JurisWord LLC. We provide high quality and cost-effective legal services to e-commerce and web-based businesses.

We understand e-commerce businesses today and the entrepreneurs who drive them.

- You want fast, knowledgeable and effective legal service that helps your business run smoothly and efficiently.
- You want your legal questions answered quickly and accurately, online, without trips to the law firm conference room or killer phone calls where every ten minutes costs you $50.
- You want an accessible, responsive legal expert who understands your business.
- You want your legal service provider to be a member of your business team, contributing to success and profitability.

There is a new way to obtain effective, high quality, and low cost legal service for your business - "JurisWord" General Counsel
Service Description
We specialize in providing comprehensive legal and business consulting services to e-commerce entrepreneurs seeking accurate, reliable, responsive, low cost legal support to address a wide range of business needs.

While our staff and principal attorneys are available to help your business after legal problems arise- our primary focus is on providing legal advice and services designed to avoid costly disputes and litigation.

At "JurisWord" we believe that "staying out of legal difficulties is the most cost-effective way of managing legal affairs."

Smart and successful business owners invest a little bit of time up front to properly position their business and business practices rather than spending a lot of time and money to solve problems that could have been avoided.

Let us join your business team and show you how preventive legal services add real value to your business and to your bottom line.

"JurisWord" services include

- entity formation
- entity maintenance
- contracts
- trademark and service marks
- copyright
- internet domain management
- employment
- insurance
- compliance
- document drafting
- negotiation
- dispute resolution
- litigation avoidance

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State Bar of Texas
Practice of Law
Awarded: 2012
State of New York - Office of Court Administration
Attorney registration
Awarded: 1977
Western New England College School of Law
Juris Doctor cum laude
1973 - 1976
State University of New York at Buffalo
Bachelor of Arts - Philosophy cum laude
1968 - 1972
Occidental Chemical Corporation
Vice President and Division General Counsel
1984 - 2003
New York State Department of Law
Assistant Attorney General
1983 - 1984
Erie County District Attorneys Office
Senior Assistant District Attorney
1977 - 1983
Year Founded
Number of Employees
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