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Kaboom! Ink

A couple of guys with a lot of ideas...
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Simply put, we want to tell the most dynamic stories possible and convey a message with pictures - showcasing our clients' products, ideas, and services - as well as our own wacky imaginations. We offer: Stories, pictures, advertisements, ideas, comedy, tragedy, and everything in between
Service Description
Ka-Boom! Ink was created by childhood pals, Eric Fisher and Kevin Schultz who grew up in the cornfields of Illinois. Like a lot of kids, their youthful creative energy combined to fill rainy days and summer vacations with hours of adventures, imagination, and a little mischief... all of which amused - and often confused - their parents.

Their childlike imaginations stayed with them as they grew up, and their "play" never really stopped. It merely evolved into performance and collaboration in illustrating, puppetry, acting, film-making, and still a little mischief - all with the same reckless enthusiasm they'd always shared.

Eric, now a successful professional illustrator, living and working south of Chicago, wanted to expand his creative energies into animation. Hey, if he can draw pictures that jump right off of the page, why not have those pictures jump around the page too!?

Cue his old pal, Kevin. Kevin is an attorney in New York City who, after a few years in the rat-race, almost lost touch with his creative energy. Eric (or "Fish" as he's always been called) called him and pitched an idea that they should work together on some creative ideas in animation and graphic novels.

Before long, the two were bubbling with ideas, and shooting those ideas back and forth across 823 miles of USA via the internet. They are excitedly creating a universe - a Ka-Boom-iverse - of adventures, imagination, and still a little mischief.
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Kaboom! Ink