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Karlo Smid

web testing and development expert
   Croatia (Hrvatska)
  |   Zagreb, Zagreb
  |  10:50 pm Local Time


I am a software tester and developer.
I have significant expertise in functional and performance web testing. For functional web testing my tools are Selenium and Watir. For simulating virtual users my tools are Grinder Load Testing Framework and Jmeter. I have deep understanding of web programming using Python.
I tested pl/sql code using ruby-plsql gem.
I know how to decouple my code in order to be able to do unit testing in various offered testing frameworks.
Service Description
I can deliver python automated testing scripts (e.g. automated testing of web services). I have significant experience in test design, that means I have critical thinking skills, I know to ask questions about project, and I can start testing based on the requirements that are at disposal. Other requirements I can gather by asking questions.
I know how to program. I am using python and Java programming languages. I know how to create programs at big scale, that means programs that will be used bu great number of users over the web.
If you think that you are experiencing performance problems with your site, I can help because I understand the web technology and I understand what is going on at your server side (web and database server, your unix/linux machine) but also what is going on at the client side in web browser.

My github page is https://github.com/karlosmid
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Karlo Smid | Elance

Karlo Smid