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Connor P.

Software Designer
   United States
  |   Lexington, KY
  |  6:59 am Local Time


I've been an independent programmer for eight years, and have made websites of all varieties. I am especially skilled with custom web programs for both in-house and commercial use. Besides custom web programs, I am also versed in WordPress and Punbb. Also, I have recently devised an invisible spam-protection that my clients have found to be more effective than its Capcha question counterpart.

My best accomplishments include:

Blogging/personal training website.
Nutrition database with recipes, food exchanges, and an automatic meal planner.
A sales database for a tax-corporation.
Numerous credit card calculators.
Insurance calculation websites.
Several small community websites.
An online-game creation program.
A couple of calculation websites.
Creating 'bomb-code' that hid inside a website and took down a pirate website that copied it.
Service Description
I specialize in website development. I have made small websites and online applications for keeping track of user information, creating databases of information, and connecting users to one another through blogs and personal training programs.
As well, I am versed in modifying existing programs such as forums.

Payment Terms
None specified
Connor P. | Elance

Connor P.