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About the Company

Due to my proved professional career in the latest years, I have gained a strong business orientation. I consider myself a hard worker with great capability to adapt, flexible and versatile, such that, I've been offered the opportunity to develop several rolls at different levels within the some company.

As I understand, in general basis, the business structure, I am aware of the importance to achieve goals by working independently or as part of a teamwork, no less important is to be able to communicate at different levels, such that, communication won't become a drawback.

My main mid-long term objective is to stablish myself as international freelancer. My approach, in order to achieve my goal, is to deliver a high level of professional work, this will make that my commitment will get a high level of satisfaction from clients.

Due to my ability to learn, I can guarantee continuity, so that, can also offer to my clients coverage of future needs for their ongoing projects.
Service Description
Paying special attention to the needs to be covered in a new globalised market, I focus my services on those that are based in communications and in the use of technologies to improve business productivity. I understand that there is a market that need to cover requirements like Internet presence, multilingual adaptation for greater market targeting, telecommunications based on newer technologies, information accessibility, security, etc.

The services I will mainly offer are:
- Translations based in Spanish or English.
- Hosting services and addons, domains, etc.
- Installation and support for content manager systems, specially Joomla.
- System administration, centralized or decentralized. (Clouding computing)
- Voice Over IP, VoIP, based on Asterisk, hardware, software and addons services.
- Installation and support of CRM and ERP.
City and Guilds
Awarded: 1998
City and Guilds
Awarded: 1993
Business Development
2005 - 2006
Cavendish College. London
City & Guilds Visual Basic. Module 1
1998 - 1998
Cavendish College. London
City & Guilds Cobol Level I.
1993 - 1993
Cavendish College. London
Computer Science University Access Course
1992 - 1993
Centro de Estudios Canarios
Computerized Business Administration
1991 - 1991
Cavendish College. London
City & Guilds 418. Computer Studies
1989 - 1990
David Game College. London
English as Foreign Language (E.F.L)
1988 - 1989
La Salle de Arucas
Educación General Básica (E.G.B
1978 - 1988
Tamara Consultores, SL
Technology Consultant
2009 - Present
I am the responsible for the Networking & Information System department of the Company. My main duties are to give support to users, keep systems up to date, research technical solutions for on going needs for the Organization that also will decrease investment needs. Additionally I collaborate with projects by doing different types of market research, limited AutoCAD duties, English or Spanish translations and drafting of final documentation. Used technology: - Joomla. Two sites for internal and public use, the internal site is used to send SMS via web. - Elastix for VoIP services. It seats between our NEC-Phillips IPC 100 PBX and VoIP services. - Pfsense. Used as firewall, DHCP Server, Local DNS Server, Dynamic DNS on a dual WAN and dual lan connections. - Dynamic DNS Services. To access the company through dynamic public IP. - OpenVPN. Used for mobile workers, I use OpenVPN Access Server and dynamic clients. - Windows 2008 64bits Server for Domain Controller, DLT backup and File Server. - Windows 2003 Server. File and Secondary Controller Domain Server. - Ubuntu Server 10,04 for: ZoneMinder, Internal Joomla Site, Samba and Wins Server Backup. - Google Apps, Partner free edition.
Macrotelsa, SL
Sales Engineer Director and System Administrator
2008 - 2009
As prove of my versatility and experience, I was offered to combine my responsibilities between two areas, the Sales Department and System Administration. As the Sales Department Director I was responsible of Nec-Philips PBX wholesale, also managed the service's catalogue for the engineering department. I was in charged of three agents to achieve the sales objectives of the Company. On the other hand as the System Administrator I had one person in charge, together were responsible of the support and improvements of the systems. I also managed the technical deployment needed to set up the new ERP of Sage Brand. Used technology: - Joomla. Used for public website. - Windows 2003 R2 64b Server x 2. One as PDC and file share, the other as BPC and ERP Server, including MS SQL Server. - Windows 2000 Server. Previously used kept ongoing until migration to new system was fully tested. - MS SQL 2005 Server. Used to serve Sage ERP. - Sage Logic Class, Advance Edition. New ERP to be used. - Firebird Data Base. There was a special application used for special needs at the Company. - Google Apps, Partner free edition. - Pfsense. Used as firewall, DHCP Server, Local DNS Server, Dynamic DNS, OpenVPN server on a dual WAN and multilan connection. - OpenVPN. Used for mobile workers, VPN were managed from PfSense Server. - SugarCRM. For a period of time SugarCRM was used for remote independent sales agents.
Soft-Libre ,SCP
2006 - 2008
I was the main responsible of the technical and sales departments. I did previous research of the technical solutions to be used in our Company, partner's Companies and to be offered as services to our future clients. All researched solutions were open source as The Company was based on Open Source software. Used Technologies: Pfsense, Ipcops, OpenVPN, Ubuntu Server, Debian, Ubuntu/Kubumtu Desktop, Moodle, Joomla, AbanQ, MySQL, Samba, Vtiger CRM, SugarCRM, Trixbox and more.
Inerza, S.A.
Sales Engineer
2002 - 2005
Company specialised in deployment of telecommunications, Computing and Technologies services. Here, I offered to a range of smaller solutions to small sized business up to customized solutions for greater corporate clients. The solutions included computing, engineering, internet presence, software developing and telecommunications services.
Telefonia de Canarias, SL
Sales Engineer
2001 - 2002
Official wholesaler for Telefonica and MoviStar. My duties varied, as needed, between the sales department and installations at clients premises or main switchboards of Telefonica. I was also in charge of the mobile shop.
Self Employed London.
2000 - 2001
During this year I did different types of jobs, standing out, the restructuring, development, deployment and support of a computing system for a private college. At the same time, to get an extra income, I also worked as Events Organizer Operator.
Cavendish College London
Computer Support
1997 - 2000
In an environment that exceeded three hundred users controlled by four servers divided into three domains running Windows NT and a Novell 4.11, my every day tasks were, maintenance of the network and equipment, giving technical support to the users. At the same time I helped with the administration, network design and occasionally I developed software using combining MS-Visual Basic 5, MS-Access and MS-SQL 6.5
Apartamentos Haiti
Head Receptionist
1994 - 1997
To establish and improve functionalities of the department, supervise general accounts, coordinate with other departments also personnel recruitment and their coordination were part of my duties.
3c Cavendish Computer LTD. London
Junior Programmer
1993 - 1994
I helped with small modules for grater projects and supported the systems used.
Cavendish College. London
1992 - 1993
Day to day receptionist work at the College.
Military Service
1991 - 1992
Compulsory Spanish Military Service at Plana Mayor de Mando.
Cavendish College, London
Building Maintenance
1988 - 1991
As I was studying English I did basic repairs in the building.
Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
- To be defined per work basics.
- Prefer to use Escrow system.
- When up front payment is requested will always be through escrow.
- Preferable to work with milestone system.
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