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Christopher 'Kit' Cosby

4+ years experience: Quality Assurance & Analysis
   United States
  |   Spokane, WA
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I have been working as a Software Analyst for nearly 5 years. I want to continue to work from home, (performance driven work environment).
Requirement Validation / Documentation Review
Requirement based automated software testing.
Logic Analyst. Software Quality Assurance.
I am also a System Analyst, Project Manager and have worked Help Desk.

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Service Description
System Analyst, Software Analyst, Project Manager, Help Desk, and Quality Assurance. I have registered Microsoft's "Project" software for your Project Management needs. Let me know your needs and I will show you how I can help.
Awarded: 2001
Washington State University
Studied Management of Information Systems
2002 - 2007
Grays Harbor College
Associate of Arts
2001 - 2002
University of Utah
Studied Biology
1998 - 2000
Escuela Bella Vista
United States High School Diploma
1997 - 1998
2011 - Present
Freelance Software Analyst, System Analyst and Project Manager.
Critical Logic Inc
Software Analyst
2007 - 2011
Requirement based automated software testing, manual software testing and requirement validation. The core process was to represent the logic of requirements using a Cause Effect Graphing tool.
ICT Group
Banker I
2005 - 2007
Telephone customer service for a national retail bank.
Academia Europa
2005 - 2005
Teach English in English to native Spanish speakers.
Sponser Reps Inc
2005 - 2005
Telephone Fund raising for Firefighters.
Student Computing Services
Student Technology Consultant
2004 - 2004
Telephone help desk and a student computer lab consultant.
Social and Economic Science Research Center
2002 - 2003
Telephone surveys for a broad array of social issues.
Chateau Westport Motel
Desk Clerk
2001 - 2002
See References
Annual Fund Phonathon
1999 - 2000
See References
Payment Terms
I will consider both strength of compensation package and my interest in the project to negotiate a lower rate. Feel free to email me on my bid if you would like my work but do not feel you can afford my work.
Michael Curn
Critical Logic Incorporated , QA Analyst
“In the year I worked with Kit, he always proved to be a valuable colleague when I was having difficulty working through a testing problem. He attempted to approach problems through new and more efficient ways, leading to him having a great deal of knowledge about what would and wouldn't work. This did not wane with time, either. Kit was always willing to offer help and--if he didn't know the answer--could usually make time to help figure out and work through a colleague's issue. Overall, his assistance, knowledge, work ethic, and overall jovial attitude towards his colleagues made him a pleasure to work with and a valuable asset to our team.” ~Michael Curn @ LinkedIn on December 5, 2011
Alex Taylor
Critical Logic Incorporated, Quality Analyst
I worked alongside Christopher 'Kit' Cosby at Critical Logic for over four years. During that time I saw him do an excellent job generating automated tests, as well as innovating new graphing styles and techniques. We also had long conversations on theoretical aspects of the work and worked on several side projects which aided members of the team immensely. (For example, Kit designed a Ruby script which automated test case uploads to a remote API framework and I designed a front end GUI for that script.) Kit is notable for the pride and focus he puts into his work. On multiple occasions, I recall him working very long hours to fix pressing urgent needs and complete his work in a way that satisfied not only the client and his employers, but satisfied an even higher bar he set for himself.” ~Alex Taylor @ LinkedIn on December 18, 2011
Charles Sedivy
Chateau Westport Motel, General Manager
I hold a letter of recommendation from this company that reads as follows: --------------------------------------------- To Whom It May Concern: I have known Christopher "Kit" Cosby for one year as his Supervisor at the Chateau Westport Motel. Christopher worked as a desk clerk on weekends while attending Grays Harbor Community College full time. He proved to be dependable, trustworthy and responsible during his tenure of employ, willing to make himself available in other departments, assisting us to maintain a smooth flow in the general operation. Christopher was professional and resourceful with the responsibilities of the job, dealing with our motel guests and coworkers in a personable and tactful manner. As Part of Christopher's duties, he handled substantial amounts of money while preparing deposits. At all times, I found him to be trustworthy, accurate and honest in his accounting. Quick to learn his duties, he proved to be an intelligent and hard working asset to the position. on the basis of his work here, I highly recommend Christopher. We will miss him and wish him well in his new job search. Sincerely, Charles Sedivy, General Manager PO Box 349 Westport, Washington 98595 1-360-268-9101
Marc Weyerstall
University Of Utah Annual Fund Phonathon, Annual Fund Coordinator
I hold a letter of recommendation from this company that reads as follows: --------------------------------------------- March 25 2001 To whom it may concern, Christopher Cosby requested that I write a letter of recommendation in support of his employment application. He was a terrific employee and I am glad to support him in any endeavor. Christopher began working for the Annual Fund Phonathon in April of 1999. We ask our callers to commit to at least two, four-hour shifts per week. Christopher worked five days a week while maintaining a full class schedule. He was early to work 90% of the time and would inform his supervisor if he was going to be late. Christopher was diligent for finding substitutes if he had other commitments. Perhaps the most impressive attribute Christopher possesses is his communication skill. Working at the Phonathon requires the student to be well informed about the University and the individual college we are calling. Callers are also expected to use a three-tiered ask system when they attempt to secure financial support from Alumni. It is a challenging technique to learn and callers must be prepared to handle the various objections from Alumni and give good reasons for them to contribute to the Annual Fund. Christopher is extremely personable and has the ability to establish rapport very quickly. He handles difficult calls with tact and does not let them affect his attitude for the night. Christopher was a valued employee and we still miss his positive attitude and productivity in the room. I f you have any questions for me please don't hesitate to call at (801) 585-0744. Sincerely, Marc J. Weyerstall Annual Fund Coordinator
Christopher 'Kit' Cosby | Elance

Christopher 'Kit' Cosby