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Ingentor Product Development

Smart - Simple - Modern Product Development
   United States
  |   Erie, PA

About the Company

Value added new product development. Good design emerges from innovation. We uncover business opportunities through research, design, user experience, and engineering. By engaging stakeholders, both internal and external, business needs and potentials are anticipated before they are easily seen.
Service Description
Ingentor offers expertise in mechanical and electro-mechanical design, project management, research, new product development, supplier quality, and manufacturing to inventors, start-ups, and established companies.

Electro-Mechanical Design
New Product Development
Project management
Conceptual sketches and 3-D renderings
CAD component, assembly, and system design/drafting
Rapid prototyping of parts/assemblies
Functional models/working prototypes
Statistical Analysis
510(k) application development and submittals
Product launch/design transfer
Project Management Institute
Project Managment Professional
Awarded: 2004
Pennsylvania State University
Masters of Business Administration
- 2006
Pennsylvania State University
BS Mechanical Engineering Technology
- 1993
Product Design in five different industries
Many leadership and design positions
1993 - 2007
Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
Ingentor Product Development proposes that a Time and Materials (T&M) contract be established to allow flexibility for efforts, and to allow for the adjustment of resources to meet the project's needs. Fixed rate contracts are also a possibility, but generally require well specified tasks and deliverables to meet customer expectations and time and material commitments.

Upon receipt of the purchase order, Ingentor will immediately invoice for an initial payment of 25% of the project or project phase amount, which ever is most appropriate, with NET 30 day terms. Thereafter, Ingentor shall invoice monthly and/or semi-monthly for services rendered and costs incurred. Material purchases and travel expenses, once approved, will be sent as separate purchase orders to and invoiced from the contracting company at the time of purchase/trip.

All Ingentor Product Development developed documents and models under contract are the sole property of the contracting company. Information concerning these tools, methodologies, related documents, and systems shall not be disclosed outside Ingentor Product Development without the implicit approval of the contracting company and will be used only for providing goods and services to the contracting company. Inventions and/or patentable IP developed as part of proposals, either by Ingentor or by collaboration between Ingentor and the contracting company, during the term of the resulting purchase order, shall be assignable to the contracting company. Inventors of said inventions and/or IP will have the right to patent such inventions with the approval of the inventors and the collaborative parties. Either party, contracting company or Ingentor, will have the ability to patent said inventions as long as each party agrees in writing to approve the disclosure of said invention to the patent office.

The tasks identified in the proposals constitute the baseline activities to be performed. Any changes, as to task and scope, shall be identified in an update to the proposals, prior to award. All changes shall be reviewed and accepted by both the contracting company and Ingentor Product Development before proceeding further.

Following the project award, Ingentor Product Development utilizes a Project Change Control (PCC) process, which requires a definition of the change requested and an assessment, as to the cost, schedule, and deliverables associated with the change. The PCC shall be reviewed and approved prior to performing the modifications.
Any approved PCC, which requires a change to the cost of the contract, will adjust the contract budget baseline. By approving a PCC which increases the contract budget baseline, the contracting company agrees to adjust the purchase order (or equivalent), if needed, to allow payments up to the new contract budget baseline. Ingentor Product Development will precede with the change only upon delivery by the contracting company of the appropriately signed PCC and either an amended PO or a newly issued PO.

Ingentor Product Development will inform the contracting company of any intent to utilize sub-contractors to complete project deliverables. Sub-contractors will be considered agents of Ingentor Product Development. As such, they will be held to the same non-disclosure terms as agreed upon by the contracting company and Ingentor Product Development. At the contracting company?s request, sub-contractors can sign non-disclosure agreements with Ingentor Product Development or the contracting company.

Quality claims after product acceptance by the customer and customer complaints during project execution shall be brought to the attention of Ingentor Product Development for immediate resolution.
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