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Cooper Maruyama

Top-Rated Conversion Rate Optimization Consultant
   United States
  |   Irvine, CA
  |  8:15 am Local Time


**Top-Rated Conversion Rate Optimization Consultant on Elance**

I'm an internet marketer for 5 years turned Conversion Rate Optimization Consultant 2 years ago. I've come to find CRO to have the most drastic effect on bottom-line ROI compared to any of the other optimization options available.

I'm Certified by Marketing Experiments in Landing Page Optimization since 2011.
Service Description

- You need to have lots of traffic (10k+ per month) to run a good experiment

- If you get 50 conversions per month, a test will probably take about a month.

- I do provide design & development at the same hourly rate.

- I include 2 or 3 Consultants in assessing your page and optimizing it. This prevents researcher bias and is something that really sets us apart from the rest.

- For a good optimization with 2 tests, including design & dev, be prepared to spend 1-2k. If you have your own developer, it will be around 1k max.
Marketing Experiments
Landing Page Optimization
Awarded: 2011
Marketing Experiments
Landing Page Optimization Certification
Thrill Ads LLC
Managing Director
2010 - Present
Susteen Inc
Marketing Coordinator
2009 - 2010
Payment Terms
Hiroyuki Maruyama
Susteen Incorporated, CEO
Worked as a marketing coordinator and mainly did optimizations to increase sales performance of online products. My projects were very successful and have more than doubled online sales on some of their products. Susteen is a mobile phone software company and makes products that are carried by stores such as Fry's, Bestbuy, Office Depot, and more.
Cooper Maruyama | Elance

Cooper Maruyama