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James E.

Recent grad off to see the world!
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I am currently located in Thailand. I have lived for over one year now. I left behind my home country in America after having graduated with a bachelor's in International Business, minoring in International Relations. I had the misfortune to be among the millions who graduated in the middle of what some are now calling the "Great Recession".

My plan for the next year or so is to save enough to return home and finish the master's degree I also put on hold. I hope to teach English in as many countries as possible, and eLance to fill in the savings gap that sometimes comes with modest teaching salaries.

I'm young, I'm always told I'm a good writer, and I not only have a bachelors in admin with an education in cross cultural dev/mgmt, but I also have experience living abroad and working in the admin field.

As of this writing, I have no experience working as an "eLancer". However, I'm eager to get more experience in the business world I studied for my bachelor's.
Service Description
I can offer you my writing skills for any blogs or advertisements a company might seek. I can also help with social networking website outreach in the form of writing or research.

If you need research done in general on something like potential markets, or you need help going over (maybe even entering data) I might be able to help with that as well.

I can be pretty handy with Photoshop, and I'm no stranger to the Microsoft Office Suite.

I'm willing to travel around Thailand, provided the financial and logistical details are worked out.

I may be able to offer translation skills from Thai to English or English to Thai.

On a less specific description of my services, I'd say I am relatively familiar with the culture of Thailand - particularly southern Thailand. I'm keenly interested in making connections between different cultural backgrounds, for individuals, businesses, and governments. I love learning about new places and people, and I pride myself on my personal quest for efficiency and professionalism.
Oxford Seminars
Teaching English as a Foreign or Second Language
Awarded: 2009
University of Central Missouri
Teaching English as a Second Language
Columbia College
International Business
English as a Foreign Language Teacher
2010 - Present
Missouri State Government: Office of Economic Dev
Intern - International Trade and Investment
2008 - 2008
Jumpstart Tutor
2007 - 2008
Columbia College
Var ("Community Consultant", Office Asst, Intern)
2006 - 2008
Payment Terms
None specified
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James E.