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Kellie P.

Expert proofreading and technical writing skills
   United States
  |   Houston, TX
  |  8:09 pm Local Time


I have a double major BS in psychology and biology. I have worked in mental health for 25 years. I am an intermediate to advanced user in Microsoft Word and Excel (all versions). I have worked as an operations manager at a small residential treatment center and I have developed a wide range of skills as an administrator.

I write and edit policies and procedures and have fined tuned my technical writing skills over the years. I write all communication to licensing agencies and have developed my persuasive writing skills as well. I am looking to earn extra income by using these skills on a contract basis.

I have always had strong writing skills starting in high school and college. I have expertise in the content areas of mental health, biology, policies and procedures, instructive writing, staff training, basic biology, Microsoft Office, systems analysis, and basic database design and programming.

Service Description
Houston Baptist University
Bachelor of Science
- 1997
Residential Treatment Center
Operations Manager
2001 - Present
Payment Terms
None specified
Kellie P. | Elance

Kellie P.