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Kristine M Smith

Professional Copywriter, Editor & Author
   United States
  |   Tacoma, WA
  |  6:22 pm Local Time

About the Company

Kristine's words helped me make a $2500 sale the day I implemented her vocabulary into my sales script. (Price of Enhanced Sales Script: $220) -- Sheryl L. Lynn, CA

You're a one of a kind genius. Your word pictures are equivalent to paintings by DaVinci. -- R. Harel, NY

It's a pleasure to work with someone who has a high quality standard for their work. Highly recommend! --dkmarketing

Kris is definitely talking to YOUR audience. -- Weir Publishing

My sales have jumped since I added Kris's content. --Tom Kelly

Please review my profile & other particulars before inviting me to submit a quote.

"PRICE IS ONLY A PROBLEM WHEN VALUE (ROI) IS A MYSTERY." -- John Assaraf, Best-Selling Author & Business Coach

Service Description
Sad Story: Too many start-ups go cheap when hiring a copywriter. Because quality matters, those who do this are inadvertently telegraphing something to their target audiences and ideal clients about the reliability of their products or services:

"Hey, I can't afford a good copywriter. I'm running a shoestring operation here, hanging on by my fingertips." Translation: "Don't expect me to be here in six months if my business doesn't turn a profit real soon!"

80% of start-ups fail the first year; more than 90% fail within five. Why is that?

Lots of reasons. But one of the primary reasons is that start up business owners usually don't spend enough to hire a writer who knows how to raise their profiles and keep people engaged and coming back.

Start ups that cling to dimes lose dollars.

A copywriter worth the title MAKES clients money; she doesn't cost them a dime! Are you thinking, "How can that be?" Keep reading!

* Hiring a competent writer is deductible as a business expense. The cost comes right off your taxes at the end of the year.

* Good copywriters convert browsers into buyers. Evergreen copy--copy that is static and unchanging (website pages, brochures, white papers, and more)--converts browsers into buyers for as long as you keep it alive in cyberspace and elsewhere, making what you paid to have it produced seriously worth the price you paid.

* Good copywriters don't disappear when your copy is completed. We stand ready to help you again and to get the word out to our own network of friends, family, and business associates.

Most grade school, middle school, high school and college educators teach students to write properly and pleasantly--they don't teach them to write POWERFULLY because most teachers aren't professional writers. Just because someone got A's in English and Creative Writing doesn't mean they can write compelling, converting copy.

The True Cost of 'Cheap'

So ... what is your present copy revealing about your business?

Look it over carefully while asking yourself the following questions:

Is it converting browsers into buyers? That is, are the visitors to your website opening their wallets, calling you, or coming in?

Is your website easy to find on Google, Bing and other search engines? Is it somewhere toward the top of the first page?

Is your copy engaging and compelling? Does it offer visitors what they're looking for so they stick around long enough to get to know, like and trust you?

I've been among the top copywriters at Elance under "exemplary" and "professional" copywriters and among ALL top copywriters under "best match" for more than five years now.

Ted Crail, Pulitzer Prize nominee, called me "a helluva writer" and DeForest Kelley (Dr. McCoy on STAR TREK and my mentor in real life) launched my writing career. So if you're a Trek fan, please come see me first. I'll "transport" you!

INVITE me to quote on your project and I'll send you my Content Questionnaire so you'll understand (and provide) what a professional copywriter needs to know to serve you commendably.

How can I help YOU win today?


2012-2013 Winner, "50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading" (The Authors Show)

In addition to being a professional copywriter (here at Elance and via my own website and other community/global outreach strategies), I'm the author of seven books. Of the two most recent titles at Amazon, SERVAL SON reached #2 and #4 in two niche categories, animal welfare and Nature>Fauna; SETTLE FOR BEST: SATISFY THE WINNER YOU WERE BORN TO BE sat at #1 for three days running in the Motivational Self-Help category when it debuted in 2012).

Please check out my portfolio. "My Ideal Client" heads the list and will help you decide if I'm a good match for your project BEFORE you invite me to bid. Also please review my client feedback and certified test results. I promise fast, reliable turnaround time--and I'm fun to work with!

More affordable than most highly-regarded copywriters, I focus on making sure you're 100% happy every time.

And I never outsource any of my projects: every word, in every project, is written by me.

Helping clients win clients since January 2007

Top 3 Reasons NOT to Hire a Professional On-Call Copywriter

1. No need for a writer/editor/author/ghost

2. Already hired an exemplary on-call writer

3. Can't afford professional writers' fees

Look up "professional copy writing fees" online. Most freelance professional copywriters charge $1 to $3 PER WORD ... and UP! I usually write upward of 350 compelling, converting words an hour and charge just $100/hour plus Elance's percentage (8.75%) for "from scratch" copy writing. So do the math: get 350+ words from me for $100 or 350 words from someone else who's equally good for $350 to $1050--your choice!

Just don't settle for less. A professional copywriter is worth far more than the price you pay--the value of our copy greatly exceeds the cost or we couldn't command these prices! Here's why...

Remember the LONG-TERM Return on Investment you'll reap from the evergreen copy you get from a true professional. You get to use the same copy year after year because, as long as it continues to convert for you, it isn't broken so you don't need to fix or refresh it so your initial price will look laughably low in retrospect.


Articles (free form, not to template)
B2B letters
B2C letters
Consulting (copy writing tips and tricks; marketing and PR wisdom)
Creative writing
E-books (copy writing only)
Editing (for spelling, grammar, punctuation, word choice and sentence structure)
Flyers (copy writing only; formatting extra)
Ghostwriting (you provide outline and talking points in some written form)
Humor writing
Mission/Vision Statements
Press/media release writing (distribution not included)
Remedial writing (fixing ESL/offshore providers' first drafts or fiascoes)
SEO keyword copy (one keyword or phrase per piece)
Website content
White papers

A SPECIAL MESSAGE FOR START-UP BUSINESS OWNERS & ENTREPRENEURS: Please be sure to watch my video on the Overview page.

Do you have the time and training to turn browsers into buyers? I DO!

I can send you a content questionnaire that will help you list everything I need to know to hit your project out of the ball park for you. In just 30-60 minutes, you'll make me the expert I need to be to help you win your niche, no matter how well known your competitors may be. INVITE ME TO SUBMIT A QUOTE ON YOUR PROJECT and I'll send it along, FREE, so you'll know what a great copywriter needs to do an exemplary job for you. The Elance template falls short (by a long stretch!) in supplying you with a decent blueprint for this aspect of your search.

Ready to roll? Let's talk!

*Elance fees consume MORE THAN 15% of every project consummated here. (It's free to list your projects here, so we service providers pay all of the fees that keep Elance in business.) The IRS takes another chunk because freelance writers are self-employed and must pay 100% of mandated federal and state fees (Social Security, Medicare, individual heath insurance, etc.). So if you wonder why we good'uns charge what we do, now you know.

Please Note: I don't accept projects that require extensive review of audio or video source materials. I work with written source materials unless the audio or video in question is three minutes in length (or shorter).
Washington State
Master License -- Sole Proprietorship
Awarded: 2009
On-Hold Concepts
2007 - 2008
On-Hold Concepts
2007 - 2008
Created riveting on-hold programs for hundreds of businesses nationwide; achieved record turn-around time on 99% of all projects assigned to me, causing a salesperson and my supervisor to exclaim, "How in the world do you manage that?!" Built amazing rapport with the same percentage of clients, including those one might deem "difficult" by being a good listener and an adequate reflector (and at times enhancer) of their visions for their programs.
Church For All Nations
Administrative Assistant
2005 - 2006
Created bulletin, calendar and many fliers for "branded" megachurch and was one of three upper level proofreaders for all publications created at the church.
Warner Bros Studios
Executive Secretary/Newsletter Writer/Editor
1992 - 2003
I was employed at WB from 1992-1999 and then again from 2001-2003.
Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
Rule of thumb: Small writing projects (up to 1000 words) usually take fewer than three hours to complete if source materials/talking points are provided via bullet lists, outlines, website URLs, or other written (not audio or video) manner.

Turnaround times depend on the project and how quickly an opening occurs in my writing schedule. Once underway on a project, I'm reliably among the fastest turnaround writers you'll find anywhere. I generally get it right the first time; very few clients request more than minuscule edits during the review/approval process.
Keith Chambers
On-Hold Concepts, Copywriter
Brian DeMaris
On-Hold Concepts, Head Copywriter
Adam Malin
Creation Entertainment, Co-Owner (with Gary Berman)
Adam can tell you about my speechwriting abilities, for those of you looking for an exceptional speechwriter.
Dan Kronstadt
Warner Bros. Studios, Retired VP
Kristine M Smith | Elance

Kristine M Smith