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Kelly Langenstrass

Let ME do the work for you!!
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I have been a Virtual Assistant for 14 years now, I have my own office and I am completely set up to work one project or Full Time.

I have 23 years experience I am Goal-focused, dedicated and energetic with the ability to adapt easily to new concepts and situations. Hard-working, multi-tasking with outstanding telephone, scheduling and documentation skills. Strong organizational skills and tenacity in completing assignments. Committed and motivated with exceptional customer-relation and decision-making skills. Effective communication and interpersonal skills including ability to interact with individuals from various socioeconomic, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds. Strong work ethic, professional demeanor and great initiative. Works equally well unsupervised or as part of a team. Reputation for exceeding expectations and providing motivation to team members.

Skill Highlights
* Customer Service * Basic Microsoft Office skills
* Data Entry * Multi-Line Phone Systems
Service Description
There is not much to say I was working 60 hours a week with my own office and decided to stay home with my last child and I never went back. I have over 15 + years experience in Office Politics and everything that comes with that position. I have a great track record working with Companies and individuals. I am proficient in many programs most of them have been self taught. I try to keep up with the latest programs. I work from home and that is all I do all day. Then I become a Mom and a wife it is a full filling day, Let me do all the work for you, so you do not have too!

You found just the right place to get your work done right the first time, I have 15 years in Administrative work, and knowledgeable in various computer programs. Once I accept the assignment from you or your company, I, can save you a lot of time and money so that you will be able to handle more important business ventures. Furthermore, as your virtual assistant, I am here for you, only when you need the work done. It will also be done in a timely and professional manor. You can communicate with me, via phone, email, chat, and any other form of communication that suits you and your business best.
I provide a range of services:
Proofreading of important documents
Documents, Dictaphone, Contracts, Invoicing, Memos, etc.
Database Management
Schedule and track maintenance
Paying Bills A/P & A/R
Calling Services/Answering Services
Planning your trips Business or Personal
Backup of programs
Knowledgeable Programs: Microsoft Office, Microsoft Home Publisher, Microsoft Front Page, Microsoft Power point, Excel, Quicken, Quick Books, Peach tree, Skype, Graphic Designs, E-Fax, Internet Broadband and E-mail programs.
Kustom Invitations
Owner / Graphic Designer
2001 - Present
Professional career individual with proven track record of successful and progressive work experience Effective at organizing and prioritizing daily work load to ensure timely completion of tasks Exceptional communication and inter-personal skills Strength in problem solving and conflict resolution Able to interact effectively with all levels of management Positive professional attitude; committed to excellence
Payment Terms
When the job is complete, payment is required....

Ray Nawrocki
IPC Industries, Owner
This Company was a one secretarial Office. I would greet clients and conduct business in a professional mannor. Spoke with Distribution Comapnies and made sure things were running smoothly. Would take charge when needed in any situation big or small. Customer service and placing orders with the correct qualifications, speed, accuracy, confidence and of course always with a smile, I am representing the Company. I also took care of payroll for over 25 clients weekly. A/P and A/R were also part of my qualifications. I was the Office Manager.
Kelly Langenstrass | Elance

Kelly Langenstrass