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Aniket M.

Engineer with broad LabVIEW experience since 2002
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I've designed large-scale LabVIEW applications for various domains - factory process automation, laboratory testing, parametric test & measurement systems, remote monitoring & control and more. I aim to give you the best LabVIEW development service- and fast!

As an engineer by formal training & experience, I follow the best practices in software engineering, so the solution is re-usable, scalable & maintainable.

I have the necessary set-up for testing LabVIEW applications in my development facility with necessary hardware & instrumentation.

On Elance, I've delighted clients as a LabVIEW developer since 2008. The projects include Virtual Instrumentation using LabVIEW (PC based, Real-time & FPGA), Machine Vision solutions using NI Vision (NI Vision Acquisition software and NI Vision Development Module), SCADA system on Windows & Windows embedded and Data Analysis & reporting apps.

Please be assured of utmost sincerity and total integrity to you.
Service Description
I have proven realization on large software projects built for automated test systems, machine control, vision guided control systems, data acquisition and analysis using LabVIEW & Visual Studio.

Since 2002, I have successfully developed more than 260 diverse projects as a LabVIEW developer. These involved programming National Instruments DAQ boards for Data Acquisition such as NI USB 6218, PXI 6259, 6212, 6211, 6008, 6009, 6501, 9481, 9421, 9472, 9233, 6255 mass term, 6251 BNC, PXI 2567 relay board, NI PXI 4110 programmable power supply, 4432 Dynamic Signal Analyser, 9219, 5133 USB Digitizer, CompactRIO, PXI chassis, frame grabbers, smart cameras, NI IMAQ based video capturing systems and some others. I have developed Virtual Instruments in LabVIEW for proprietary instruments such as Agilent, Tektronix, Peter Norberg (StepperBoard), LabJack, DataForth, Spectrum Instrumentation, AdLink, Art-Control, Alazar, Grant Instruments, Campbell Scientific, Dataq, Omega & others and custom equipments for manufacturers and test laboratories.

I use NI Developer Suite, LabVIEW Real-time, LabVIEW FPGA, LabVIEW Embedded Module for ADI Blackfin Processors, ARM module, NI Vision, LabVIEW Robotics, various NI toolkits, Microsoft Visual Studio & other software tools. I also possess hardware including various USB / PXI cards, CompactRIO (cRIO), and digitizers for experimentation.

I collaborate with a group of electrical, electronic and mechatronic engineers and LabVIEW developers for my projects to exchange ideas. Developing engineering solutions using LabVIEW is not an isolated software development task, but rather requires knowledge of and resources from various other engineering trades. That speeds up my task as a LabVIEW developer. (This group does not share confidential information, but only technological challenges and insights)

Other SW: SQL Server, Windows embedded, Mathematica, LabWindows, MSOffice, VHDL, RDBMS & Internet technologies.

I have worked mostly in the following areas:

1. Automated Test Systems including testing as per IEC, CISPR, Snell & other standards.
2. Electronics, PCB & semi-conductor Test Systems
3. Radio Frequency Testing & EMC/EMI compatibility test systems.
4. Mechanical / Impact (Crash) Test.
5. Machine control system.
6. Sound & Vibration Measurement & Analysis.
7. LabVIEW Virtual Instruments for Custom Equipments.
8. Machine Vision systems.

I welcome your inquiry to serve your test, automation and data analysis requirements as a LabVIEW developer.
National Instruments
Certified LabVIEW Associate Developer
Awarded: 2010
MSDN Subscription with Visual Studio
Awarded: 2010
National Instruments
NI Developer Suite with LabVIEW Professional
Awarded: 2010
National Instruments
Awarded: 2009
BetterVIEW Consulting
Mathematica Link for LabVIEW
Awarded: 2009
National Instruments
Awarded: 2009
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Aniket M.