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Steven E.

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Nordic Films - Turning your ideas into video realities. Creative. Quality. Professional. Providing video production and editing services with unique, creative styles you are looking for. I believe that each project is an individual work of art and it's a blend of your vision and our talent that will create a successful product for you.
Service Description
Nordic Films offers professional video production and editing services while providing that unique creative style you are looking for. I believe that each project is an individual work of art and it's a blend of your vision and our style and skill that creates a successful product for you.

My objective is to provide a video to exceed my client's expectations. I love to tell a story with film and photography. I am a self driven, hard working person that will get your project done - on time and preferably beyond your expectations.

I have been producing my art for over 7 years. I am skilled with camera use, lighting, green screens, compositing, video editing, sound and music. Our media library contains thousands of royalty free media, music and effects that can be incorporated in your production.

I also provide services to transfer 8mm and Super 8mm silent film with a WorkPrinter XP telecine transfer device to digital media. This is NOT playing your film on a wall and recording it with a camera. The Video WorkPrinter-XP is designed for stunning, ultra high quality, TRUE frame-by-frame transfers of both regular 8mm and super 8mm film to PAL or NTSC video. The enlarged gate allows access to 100% of the film frame and your resolution is limited only by the quality of the camera that you use. Total frame discretion means the clearest, most crisp picture possible next to a Rank transfer.

Nordic Films = Filming, editing, storytelling, and production from a professional and quality driven person.
State of Minnesota
Professional Engineer
Awarded: 1990
Michigan Technological University
1980 - 1983
Payment Terms
Mark S
ProductivityMO, Owner
Editing a video for a promotion of martial arts and creating a DVD to play at an expo. Client provided video clips and I provided the original music,artwork, transitions and intro. Created DVD with menus.
Steven E. | Elance

Steven E.