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Medialaw Incorporated

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About the Company

As a provider, Medialaw's Lawrence Stanley doesn't t simply "get by" on the job, but strives for excellence. That means careful, detailed work, paying attention to all aspects and implications of a contract or matter. In drafting contracts, we work closely with clients to ensure their needs are met. We don't provide "boilerplate," but think through each provision in context.

Current services include:

- preparation / negotiation of contracts;
- preparation / negotiation of non-use, non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements for internet and media companies;
- preparation of Terms of Service and Privacy Polices for websites, and End User License Agreements for software companies;
- advice on trademark and copyright matters and filings;
- litigation services (preparation of complaints, answers, motions memoranda of law and discovery documents) in copyright and TM cases;.
- summary of trial transcripts & preparation of case narratives for criminal appellate attorneys.
Service Description
Medialaw has a high degree of expertise in copyright and trademark law and litigation, and can advise you regarding all aspects of your intellectual property in terms you will understand.

Medialaw's Lawrence Stanley has over 25 years of experience drafting and negotiating contracts in the music industry, including artist, publishing, licensing and joint venture agreements. After a brief stint writing contracts at RCA Records, he was general counsel to Celluloid Records in the mid-1980s and director of business affairs of Tommy Boy Records (1988-91). Since then he has represented a variety of independent labels, as well as artists, both successful and unsigned. He has also served as outside counsel for an independent book publishing company and has represented writers negotiating book contracts.

Copyright and trademark law are particular strengths at Medialaw. Medialaw's Lawrence Stanley has prepared complaints, answers, motions memoranda of law and discovery documents such as Requests for Admission for both federal and New York State courts, and has prepared briefs at all levels of the federal court system, including Circuit Courts of Appeal and the Supreme Court (both petitions for certiorari and amicus curiae briefs). Together with Gordon Troy and Robert Fogelnest, he successfully defended a multi-party trademark infringement lawsuit over the use of the word "Pilates," pushing the Pilates mark into the public domain.

Mr. Stanley has written for various websites, including for Clearance 13'-8", Inc., a sample clearance and copyright consultation company for which Medialaw prepares and negotiates contracts, performs copyright searches and evaluates copyright ownership.

Lawrence Stanley is a 1980 graduate of the Cardozo School of Law.

From client feedback:

"Easily the best experience I've had with a contract attorney, much less a provider on Elance."

"A true consultant who examines contractual scenarios from all their different angles to make sure the outcome is flawless. Efficient, insightful, proactive, and extremely helpful."

"Great experience all around. Quick, detailed legal counsel for a situation I was very worried about. Highly recommended..."

"Excellent detailed work."
Cardozo School of Law
Juris Doctor
1977 - 1980
George Washington University
Bachelor of Arts, Philosophy
1973 - 1977
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Gordon Troy
Law Offices of Gordon E.R. Troy, Attorney
I provide services on copyright law and contracts to Gordon's clients on a freelance basis. We have also worked together on trademark litigation, notably the Pilates litigation in which our team pushed the Pilates trademark into the public domain. Gordon can be contacted by email at or by telephone at 802 425 9061.
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