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Ebitari Larsen

Zoho CRM Consultant (incl. other Z Prod)
   United States
  |   Long Beach, CA
  |  7:00 am Local Time

About the Company

At Delta Data Services we are Zoho CRM specialists, established in the Los Angeles metro area since 2009. We are reliable Zoho CRM technical consultants and you can trust us to assist you to solve your CRM challenges. We bring you results-oriented, lasting solutions through innovative and scalable systems design, critical analysis, and trusted research.

Our services are:
Zoho Systems Integration
Web Design
Training Development
Project Management

In all our work, we have a great sense of quality and attention to detail. Our goal is always to assist our clients with the most simple, scalable and effective solution they need with their CRM. No job is too small; we give every project my greatest amount of attention.
Service Description
Zoho Systems Integration

* Trusted Consulting on Zoho for business needs. Do you have some questions about CRM and want a little more personal attention than a Customer Support call? Do you want to know if you are customizing your CRM in the best way possible? We will answer all of your questions and guide you to the extensive benefits that Zoho CRM has to offer your business. We offer a free Half-Hour Consultation so please contact us today.

* Customization and integration of Zoho CRM. With the advanced offerings of CRM, we are able to effectively customize CRM and integrate it into your business. We base our development on a single word which is 'Scalable'. Every single CRM we customize for you is designed to sustain any amount of growth that your company will make and that is our guarantee!

* Data migration. Are you currently changing your CRM from another application to Zoho CRM? We will assist you to accurately migrate your data with the highest level of quality. Ever heard of 'garbage in', 'garbage out'? See the next bullet to see how we make sure your data is clean 'going in'.

* Data scrubbing and quality assurance. We take your data and clean it to make sure all the content is standardized. We do this with advanced models in order to complete large amounts of data in the fastest amount of time.

* Custom reports generation. Using Zoho CRM we will build customized reports for you that enable you to quickly get insights to questions you need answered about your business. These reports will ensure you better understand critical success factors about your business e.g status of sales, performance of sales staff, quality of customer support and more.

* Business process reengineering based on business needs. We will customize Zoho CRM for your specific business processes and resources. Through training and documentation your staff will clearly understand what is expected of them in Zoho CRM making collaboration among staff seamless.

* Continuous support to incorporate existing and new functionality in Zoho. We will be happy to assist you with ongoing support in CRM. As your business grows your needs from CRM will also change and grow. Zoho continuously rolls out new functionality. We can assist you to continuously use the most cutting edge, best fit technology in your CRM.

Web Design

* Zoho Sites. Advanced design using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

* All sites come with mobile versions of the site.

* Using relevant industry language, writing that clearly communicates your products and services.

* Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by preparation of titles, keywords, descriptions and robots.

* Link websites to advanced Internet search tools - Google Analytics, Google Webmaster, Bing Webmaster etc.

* Should you decide to advertise your products or services, we will assist you with Google AdWords.

* Professional designs that are consistent with your industry and corporate branding.

* Highest level of quality in all web pages through advanced testing.

Training Development

We are established Zoho training consultants. We provide online and classroom-based curriculum and training for Zoho’s award-winning CRM system.

* Zoho CRM: Critical User Skills.

In this course, using the Zoho cloud-based platform, students will build and maintain a CRM database for their organization.

This course is designed for end-users, who may be executives working in Sales, Marketing, Inventory Control, or Customer Support departments, and who may need to use CRM system as part of their daily work.

* Zoho CRM: Critical Administrator Skills.

This course is designed to help Zoho system administrators perform initial implementation of Zoho CRM in an organization or manage an existing Zoho CRM organization account.

The target audience for this course is an existing Sales, Marketing, or Production support employee, an IT administrator who has been additionally assigned the task of Zoho system administration, or an external consultant who has been engaged to provide administrative support.

Project Management

As Project Managers, we define the project’s objectives, create schedules and oversee quality control throughout the entire project. We deliver the project according to plan. We also need to attain resources, manage our customers’ teams and third-party contractors and/or consultants. In addition, we identify, assess and minimize project risks until successful project completion.

We provide project management services so that projects:

* Complete their objective. Objectives are highly important in a project since they serve as the project's guiding light. We make sure all the objectives are completed when the project is finalized.

* Are on schedule. Every project has deadlines. We understand the importance of deadlines and meet them.

* Are within budget. Projects need to be productive, but cost-efficient as well. We guarantee that we will not stand for cost-overruns or careless management of project finances.
Project Management Institute
Project Management Professional
Awarded: 2009
University of Hawaii
Masters of Science in Geology and Geophysics
1997 - 2001
Bowdoin College
Masters of Arts in Biology
1990 - 1994
Project Performance Coroporation
Senior Analyst
2004 - 2008
A respected IT and environmental management consulting. The firm specializes in federal government clients. As one of its analysts, I spearheaded IT and environmental project management, leading a team of members. I cultivated vital relationships with clients including Fortune 500 companies, EPA, Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Department of Energy (DOE), and the Office of the International Material Protection and Cooperation (IMPC) and Seversk Plutonium Production Elimination Program (SPPEP) in the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA). I also served as key solar business development leader.
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Ebitari Larsen | Elance

Ebitari Larsen