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N. Hande Kiziltug

Freelance Consultant on Digital Content Management
  |   Istanbul, Kadikoy
  |  10:31 am Local Time


I'm a freelance web content manager, editor, translator, copywriter and a creative writer. I manage web content projects of many global brands such as Toyota, Sony Ericsson, Moulinex, Rowenta, Tefal, adidas, Rixos Hotels, Sony Eurasia, Pfizer, WPA, AVON, etc.

I build content strategies for web sites, portals, e-newsletters, campaign e-newsletters and micro sites of the brands, manage the localization projects of the brands, copywriting for them, analyzing the rivals and rivalry strategies, updating and editing the existing web contents, writing online marketing advergame scenarios, creating web projects and ideas for the brands.

I believe that content means everything. You have to create "meaningful" content to reach your target by an easy and distinctive way. I also believe that "search" must be the main feed of "meaningful content" for every brand.

I offer all of the services above, besides Turkish - English - Turkish translation, proofreading, editing and creative writing
Service Description
I'm in web content management business for 15 years. Some of the global and local brands I work for include AVON, Nikon, Jumeirah Hotels & Resorts, Mandarin Hotels & Resorts, Euro OTC Pharma Turkey - EuRho Vital, Istanbul Medeniyet University, The Turkish Association of Justice and Law, Inovasyon Proje, Turkish Ministry of Youth and Sports, Bridgehead Media, Insider, Toyota, Sony Ericsson, Mulinex, Rowenta, Tefal, Honda Motorcycles, Coca Cola, Sony Eurasia, Garanti Banking, Rixos Hotels, Adidas, Starbucks, Microsoft Turkey, brands of the Shaya Group, Reader's Digest, L'oreal, Whiskas-Pedigree, Olay, Mercedes, Audi, Citi, American Hospital, Italian Hospital, CSS Sarar, Profilo Electronics, Beko Electronics, Lipton, P&G, World Psychiatric Association, Pfizer, Lilly, Merck Sharp Dohme, TAHUD, TIHUD, Lundbeck etc.

I'm tolerant, hard working, open to innovations, multi-thinking and multi-tasking, deadline-driven and detail-oriented. I consider quality in working. I respect people, their jobs, their successes and professional relationships as well as my personal relationships. I consider honesty and i love to learn new things, to search for new ideas.

- Managing web site localization and migration projects of brands from beginning to the end.
- Building web content strategy for web sites, portals, e-newsletters, campaign banners, micro sites etc.
- Writing content for web sites, portals, e-newsletters, campaign banners, micro sites, online campaign newsletters etc.
- Writing press releases.
- Copywriting for offline projects of the brands.
- Turkish - English - Turkish translation.
- Making rivalry and rivalry strategy analysis for the brands and their projects.
- Crosschecking the rivals' web sites periodically and writing reports.
- Writing online marketing advergame scenarios.
- Editing and updating the existing web contents.
- Creating monthly e-newsletters for brands including the content and building the web strategy for them.
- Moderating the forum sites of the brands.
Prometheus Turkey
Advanced Marketing Methods
Awarded: 2006
Prometheus Turkey
Basics of Marketing
Awarded: 2006
Prometheus Turkey
Learning Management by Playing
Awarded: 2006
Istanbul University
Geophysics Engineering
1996 - 2003
Kultur College
Primary, junior high and high school
1985 - 1996
Founder, Digital Content & Project Manager
2014 - Present
Consulting on creating, planning, developing, managing and localizing digital, mobile, email marketing campaigns / projects, social media and mobile apps, content marketing, content modelling and content reuse; managing social media accounts; directing the IT and creative teams if necessary within the context of projects; tracking the traffic by using the appropriate analytics tools; analyzing and reporting the project / campaign statuses; consulting on preparing marketing plans, sponsorship agreements; analyzing the e-mail marketing reports and website statistics; English – Turkish – English translation, creative translation, copywriting and creative writing support.
Digital Content Manager, Blogger
2013 - 2014
Blogging about marketing automation and related subjects for blog.8digits.com, planning and managing foreign bloggers to write blog posts for the blog, creating contents for 8digits marketing automation platform, consulting on content marketing and management related subjects etc.
Web Content Manager, Translator, Creative Writer (
2008 - 2014
Language, Arts & Science
Web Content Manager, Translator (Freelance)
2012 - 2013
Localizing the Delphi website (delphi.com); English – Turkish – English translation, editing and creative writing support.
Nekko Digital
2012 - 2013
Online reputation management, online risk management, social media management, social media strategies, web content management, web content strategies, online education modelling, online media planning, digital projects development and management, social media monitoring, online marketing projects development and management, consulting.
Web Content Manager, Editor (Freelance)
2012 - 2013
Performing daily updates of the alisveriskulupleri.com website (content + images + banners); gathering and choosing the new campaigns from the private shopping websites such as Markafoni, Vipdukkan, Limango, Trendyol, Daybuyday, Morhipo, Unnado, Evim, Dekoreko etc. (Reviewing the XMLs from the administrator, approving the appropriate campaigns, categorizing the campaigns according to the available category tree, adding keywords); preparing and sending the daily e-newsletter; providing consultancy on the content strategy of the website’s blog.
Web Content Manager, Creative Writer (Freelance)
2012 - 2012
Creating content for a new bilingual (Turkish and English) social media platform; building the content marketing strategy for this platform; localizing the platform for foreign users.
Web Content Manager, Translator (Freelance)
2012 - 2012
Translating press releases of Point Hotel Barbaros, Ziraat Bank, Turkish Airlines and Le Meridien; translating and localizing the hotel standards document of Hilton Hotel Maslak; translating leaflets of the World Music CD series; translating the 6th Annual Turkey Trade & Export Finance Conference invitation document.
FIJA GmbH, Germany
Web Content Manager, Creative Writer (Freelance)
2011 - 2012
Localization of a web portal for Turkey; English – Turkish – English translation, editing and creative writing support.
Web Content Manager, Creative Writer, Editor (Free
2011 - 2011
Gathering and writing the selected tourist facts for the city of Istanbul for the project of a Swedish business strategy company. These facts include area information, touristic places to see, mobile phone coverage, the risks of being cheated, cultural things etc.
Traduzioni Master
Web Content Manager, Creative Writer (Freelance)
2011 - 2011
Localization of Eximia website for Turkey; localization of Realigro Real Estate Network portal for Turkey; English – Turkish – English translation, editing and creative writing support.
UzakYakin Digital Agency
Web Content Manager & Web Project Developer
2009 - 2011
Building web content strategies, managing web projects and developing integrated marketing projects, writing advergame scenarios etc. for global pharmaceutical brands, finance companies, non-profit associations and telecommunication companies such as Merck Sharp Dohme, Pfizer, Eli Lilly, Yapi Kredi Bank, World Psychiatric Association (WPA), Turkish Family Physicians Association, Turkish Internal Medicine Association, Turkcell etc. Developing mobile projects for 3G.
Web Content Manager, Creative Writer (Freelance)
2010 - 2010
Localization of the www.proxiopro.com website for Turkey; English – Turkish – English translation support.
Mana Digital
Translator & Editor & Creative Writer (Freelance)
2010 - 2010
Editing the scenarios of The Answered Patient episodes, a health program by Answers Media; creative writing in English for the untranslated and mistranslated scenarios.
Olive Farm Guest House
Creative Writer (Freelance)
2010 - 2010
Writing the texts of the ad brochure of the Olive Farm Guest House, a boutique hotel in Datca, Turkey both in English and Turkish.
Web Content Manager, Creative Writer (Freelance)
2009 - 2010
Localization of the www.dailyforex.com website; English – Turkish – English translation and creative writing support.
Web Content Manager, Creative Writer (Freelance)
2009 - 2009
Localizing mobile edutainment applications for Apple iPod and iPod touch.
Kawa Publishing
Freelance Translator
2008 - 2009
Translating the book "The Skeptical Environmentalist: Measuring The Real State Of The World" from English to Turkish.
Lionbridge International
Internet Assessor
2008 - 2009
Responsible for evaluating the results of a web search (made by using web search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN etc.), for appropriateness to search query input, providing opinion of the result displayed based on a set of guidelines.
DJ Consulting
Web Content Manager (Freelance)
2008 - 2008
Localizing an analog mobile TV survey for Turkish mobile users.
Web Content Manager, Creative Writer (Freelance)
2008 - 2008
Managing the web portal localization project (TR) of MovieZen, one of the biggest databases for movies, actors and actresses; making researches about the film industry and web portals about movies in Turkey, creating reports on this subject; providing web content strategy consultancy about film industry in Turkey.
Redi-Medic Europe
Web Content Manager (Freelance)
2008 - 2008
Managing the localization project (TR) of Redi-Medic Europe, a leading manufacturer of promotional product first aid and safety kits.
SwissInno Solutions
Creative Writer (Freelance)
2008 - 2008
Writing the contents used on the packages of birdspike products of Swissinno Solutions, a Swiss company on pest control, paint prushes and firelighters etc.; Turkish – English – Turkish translation.
Translator, Creative Writer (Freelance)
2008 - 2008
Translating and writing the business documents of an international jewellery company which provides business relations in Turkey.
Project House
Web Content Manager
2006 - 2007
Responsible for managing the web projects of global brands such as Toyota, Sony Ericsson, Sony Eurasia, adidas, Honda Motorcycles, Tefal, Moulinex, Rowenta, Rixos Hotels, Starbucks , Garanti Banking etc., creating, managing, editing and updating contents for these brands' web sites, portals, e-newsletters, banners, online campaigns and offline materials, managing localization projects of these brands from beginning to the end, copywriting, providing the relationship and communication between global offices and Turkish offices of these brands, guiding and directing the creative team and IT in projects, writing press releases, making researches for the projects of the brands, building web content strategies for the brands' projects, brand management, project management, making rival and rivalry strategy analysis for the brands, Turkish - English - Turkish translation, crating interactive integrated projects, writing advergame scenarios etc.
Megafon Magazine
General Editor (Freelance)
2006 - 2006
Responsible for creating and editing the content of a monthly publication consisted of cultural events agenda of Istanbul, technology, health, fashion and astrology, writing unique articles, deciding the topics of the month.
Istanbul.com - AdInteractive
Web Content Editor
2003 - 2005
Responsible for managing all the content in www.istanbul.com (including redaction and HTML code corrections when needed), creating and editing the contents of culture & art, business & education, taste, discover, shopping and news sections, writing unique articles and news for these sections, creating, editing and managing the contents of special sections such as Ramadan, St. Valentine's Day, New Year, Mother's Day, bairams etc. (special activity programs of restaurants, cafes, hotels etc., daily menu suggestions, calendars, agendas, news etc.), creating new projects and ideas in order to improve the portal, copywriting for the projects of AdInteractive, moderating the forum section of www.istanbul.com, creating, managing and editing the content of English part of the portal, creating, managing and editing the content for the monthly online magazine of Profilo called PMag, creating content for Profilo's special interactive projects in Ramadan, creating content for Lipton's interactive events calendar, creating the master contents for the special periodical magazine called InIstanbul.
Rekart - Epsilon Advertising
2003 - 2003
Responsible for writing the motto and body copy, naming product range and products in Beko Electronics' 2003 product catalogue, writing the motto and body copy for a medicine launch campaign of Merck Sharp Dohme, writing the fairy tale books for Merck Sharp Dohme, telling vaccines to children, copywriting in advertisement campaigns of the Mediterranean Book Fair organized by CNR International Fairs.
DG Internet & Communication Solutions Comp.
Content And Customer Relatioship Specialist
2000 - 2002
Responsible for creating and developing web projects for the brands such as American Hospital, Italian Hospital, DanoneSA, CSS Sarar, Citibank etc., managing, updating and creating the web contents for these projects.
Payment Terms
I prefer building business relationships on mutual trust. So payment terms may vary. Please ask for the details.
Sebnem Vuruskaner
Toyota Turkey, Web Marketing Manager
Cuneyt T. Devrim
Project House, Head of Agency
N. Hande Kiziltug | Elance

N. Hande Kiziltug