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Linda Henneberg

Quality science content for any audience
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My goal is to spread science knowledge to the world. If you have some science content that you need "translated" into something your visitors or customers will understand, I can do that for you at a great price. Science doesn't have to be dense and boring; I can create clear content that will engage and educate.

I enjoy learning and writing about new things; and though my background is in physical science, I have the skills to research and write on any science topic, from medical technologies to environmental issues to quantum mechanics. I am continuously working to expand my knowledge of science and education.

I specialize in writing articles for those in the general public who want to know more, and in developing fun and simple activities to teach science concepts to children and adults.
Service Description
I have a BS in Physics and Astronomy, and a Graduate Diploma in Science Communication. Telling people about science is my passion. Many children and even adults believe that science is difficult and boring, and it's my goal to show people that it doesn't have to be.

My speciality is in writing science articles for the general public. This could be for magazines, newspapers, blogs, etc. I can also write in a style more suited for educating policy makers on an specific issue (briefing notes), press releases, or book chapters. Whether the audience is the curious public or those to who need to be informed for other reasons, I can deliver your content clearly, quickly, and cheaply.

I also write content for children, from preschool to high school. I can write age-appropriate articles for use in school, extra-curricular activities, or at home. I can create fun, educational activities and experiments that teach a variety of topics. I will write instructions and include the necessary science background. These activities can range from something they can do in 30 minutes with common materials, to more advanced science fair-style projects.
Nevada Department of Education
Substitute Teaching License
Awarded: 2011
Laurentian University
Graduate Diploma in Science Communication
2010 - 2011
Northern Arizona University
Bachelor of Science in Physics and Astronomy
2005 - 2010
Nevada Discovery Museum
Spark!Lab Coordinator/Discovery League Teacher
2012 - Present
As Spark!Lab Coordinator, I research, develop, and implement fun and educational activities, exhibits, and demonstrations for use in a children's/science museum. The Spark!Lab is a gallery in the museum devoted to invention, innovation, and science, so all the activities I develop follow this theme. These activities reach children ages 0-12. As a Discovery League teacher, I develop and teach curricula for classes aimed at ages 10-13. Each month-long class covers a different fun engineering project, such as building bridges, catapults, and boats.
Washoe County School District
Substitute Teacher
2012 - Present
Because of my physics and math background, I mostly substitute for high school math teachers, because I will be able to teach their lesson, and give math help to the students.
European Organization for Nuclear Research
Education Intern
2011 - 2011
At CERN I developed materials for visitors to CERN's exhibition areas. CERN's exhibitions and tours can often be dense and difficult to understand and follow for members of the general public (i.e. not particle physicists). I created materials, such as a "treasure hunt" for visitors--especially students on school trips--to be more engaged and get more out of their visit to CERN.
Science North
Science Demonstrator
2010 - 2011
At Science North, a science center in Northern Ontario, I helped develop, prototype, and teach new activities and exhibits.
American Physical Society
PhysicsQuest Intern
2010 - 2010
At APS I developed fun activities for kids to learn about the physics of motion and forces. These activities were aimed at middle school aged children, and can be made with common household items in a small amount of time.
Payment Terms
I will accept fixed-rate jobs with escrow.
Linda Henneberg | Elance

Linda Henneberg