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Robert B.

Making each word count


To put the right word in its proper location is a passion of mine. Words are the DNA of our minds, fashioning precise concepts from words; replicating them in the mind of the reader. Writing is the ultimate act of creation; words hold the identity of our species and our self-awareness. We exist, as we are literate about our existence. Without words we cannot define ourselves. Words took us out of the cave and gave us technology. Words are the tool that made everything else possible. Writing is a grasping after the stars. No discovery was made without first the idea; no idea was formed that did not have words to express it. New ideas create new language. New beliefs create words specific to it. I am proud to continue this tradition, this adventure, this voyage of discovery, seeking new ways for words to be used; new ways for words to be used for you. You have something to say, I have the words in which it can be said.
Service Description
I have wide-ranging interests and great familiarity with most branches of science. I understand economics and bookkeeping, I've read extensively in the fields of cytology, biology, anthropology, sociology. I am up to date regarding environmentalism, intentional communities, cooperativism and human rights. I have been keeping abreast of the latest recession and have a working knowledge of Collateral Debt Obligations, tranches, the securitization of mortgages and so on. I have researched the International Monetary Fund and its activities in various countries with specific interest in its involvement with Jamaica as Micheal Manley sought tighter relations with Cuba.

I have the knowledge obtained from a lifetime of research into evolution and Christianity. I understand the issues on both sides of the argument. I have recently begun to write professionally and in the few short months have had several pieces accepted. However this modest professional recognition is far outweighed by the many years reading and researching different fields.

I have a very large vocabulary but am able to relinquish erudition in favor of a more journalistic style if this is required.

I will enjoy any opportunity to use both my learning and writing skills to further your business objectives. Thank you

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Robert B. | Elance

Robert B.