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Amy L.

Say it with MOXIE!
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The Lively Merchant writes Broca-busting copy that gets your message heard (call us - we'll explain). With 40+ years combined retail experience from sales to store ownership, 10+ years freelance writing & 5+ years in marketing & advertising, The Lively Merchant writes a persuasive appeal to your customer with all the passion of a business owner.

The Lively Merchant helps you get inside your customer's head so you can get inside their wallet.

Speaking your customer's language... now that's MOXIE!

Persona based marketing
Web content
Television advertising
Radio advertising
Print advertising
Direct mail
Creative writing
Persuasive writing
Technical writing
Press releases
Sales training
Procedural training
User guides
Service Description
We've walked in your shoes, and it's the only reason we humbly qualify ourselves to provide service for your business.

With over 40 years combined retail experience and former owners of a $6M retail store that was twice named one of the "Top 100 Independent Furniture Stores" by Furniture Today, we've felt the responsibility of providing a living for our employees and their families. We've hired them, trained them and sometimes fired them. We've written newsletters and brochures and letters and manuals. We've built websites, created advertising, bought merchandise and dealt with customers. We've paid the bills.

Now add 10+ years of freelance writing and 5+ years as marketing consultants. This unique combination of skills and experience means The Lively Merchant can help you say what you want to say so they'll buy what you have to sell.

Your livelihood is on the line when you trust your work to an outside source. We'll tell you straight up if we think you'd get better results somewhere else. When we do help you, you'll get experienced, accurate, professional work that gets you where you need to be.

We've made mistakes and we've had plenty of sleepless nights. We've also had enormous successes that we want to bring to your business.

PERSONA CREATION (please contact for pricing):

We learn all about you, your existing customers and the actual customers in your marketplace (sometimes these are two very different things!). Unique customer personas begin to emerge. Part science and part art form, The Lively Merchant creates a detailed and compelling story about each of your customer personas. You’ll learn where they live, what they do, what turns them on and what makes them mad. You’ll meet a “real” person whose needs should drive every single decision in your company, from top-level management to back-end operations.
Payment Terms
Payment expected within 2 business days of project completion. All work is fully guaranteed. Elance Escrow preferred.

Turnaround time will be clearly communicated and determined before bid acceptance.
Marlise McAllister
Home Solutions, Owner
Strategic planning and marketing consulting
Lee McDonald
RW McDonald, Owner
Strategic planning and marketing
Roy Gray
Davis Furniture, General Manager
Create and implement marketing budget and calendar... even as the store burned down. Coordinated immediate public relations response after a fire destroyed their store and warehouse, then negotiated with vendors for Grand Reopening events.
Ed Connell
Connell's Furniture, Owner
Co-created all radio and television advertising. Created website content, customer marketing materials, care instructions, return policies, delivery instructions, promotional materials, brochures, etc.
Amy L. | Elance

Amy L.