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About the Company

Draco develops awesome games, apps, real-time high-load websites and algorithms since 2006. All our clients have direct contacts with our devs, we are fast, reliable and fun to work with. We have several departments with expertise in the following areas:
- node.j s platform, MEAN stack - we love it
- Erlang based stack
- websites scaling
- cross-platform game development, software porting
- desktop app development with Qt
- algorithms implementation
- 3D graphics and high-performance computations
- voip, sip, asterisk
We use C, C++,Erlang, JavaScript, Python as our everyday programming languages mostly. We have good experience with PostgreSQL/MySQL and NoSQL solutions like MongoDB or Redis.
Service Description
*** Game Development ***
Android, iOS, HTML5, Flash, AS3, Smartfox, HaXe, Lua, Blackberry, BB10, Cocos2d, Cocos2d-x, Box2d, Chipmunk, Corona, HGE, Playground, Popcap, Unity, UDK, cross-platform game development.
We have more than 100 man-years of game programming experience with shipped game on virtually any platform - from consoles like NDS and PS2 to mainstream mobile platforms iOS and Android.

*** Software Porting ****
Game and application porting, porting from desktop to mobile, from mobile to web and visa-versa. Open-source libraries and software porting. We completed more than 50 porting projects during last 3 years. We are one of most experienced companies in the world in this field.

*** Mobile apps development ***
iOS, Android, BB10, Blackberry, Windows 8, Symbian, BaaS, parse.com, quickblox.com, PhoneGap, PhoneGap plugins.

*** Desktop software development ***
Mac, Linux, Unix, Windows, C++, Python, Lua, Java, ObjC, ObjectiveC, Qt, QML, PySide, PyQt, JS, Unix and Linux network programming.

*** Highload web services and projects ***
BigData, Big Data, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Erlang, XMPP, Ejabberd, Ocaml, Node.js, RabbitMQ, ZeroMQ, Big Data, Hadoop, CouchDB, Redis, Cassandra, Hypertable, Thrift, HQL, MongoDB, Riak, Kyoto Tycoon, Scalaris, Memcached, Tarantool, VoltDB

*** Science, math and computer graphics ****
Implementation of research paper algorithms, math, geometry, computational geometry, computer vision, computer graphics, image processing, data mining, optimization, robust computing, clustering, OpenCV, OpenGL, DirectX, 3d, rendering algorithms, GPGPU, CUDA, OpenCL, shaders.

*** Project management outsourcing ****

*** Mobile services ****
Mobile apps testing, we have a lot of Android devices and every iOS device. Submission to application stores. Integration of game social netrowks, in app purchases, ad networks.

*** Web development ***
MEAN stack, Erlang, ejabberd, Python, Django, PHP, RoR, Node.js, HTML5, PSD 2 HTML, CSS, CSS2, CSS3, Bootstrap, jQuery, jQueryUI, JavaScript, Coffeescript, non-standard front-end stuff, ModX, web services, social network integration.

*** Video solutions for your website ***
Wowsa, Erlyvideo, Red5.
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Draco, LLC