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Lodestone Consulting Services

Traffic Gen~Social Media~Online Ad Management
   United States
  |   Los Gatos, CA
  |  3:14 pm Local Time

About the Company

o Feeling overwhelmed with the demands of a content driven sales funnel?
o Need to have beter ROI with your online ads?
o Want to have a social media strategy that stays relevant with the newest sites?
o Need better keyword research and web copy so people can find you faster?

And do you need someone to handle it for you?

Content is key for increasing your prospects' "know/like/trust" factors and converting them to raving fans and well paying long-term customers. The new Google Panda version is requiring good content to increase the authenticity of your authority site. I have lots of tricks to help make your product or service pop.

With my background in customer service, engineering, and marketing, I can assist you in all areas of your business, do market research, and analyze the effectiveness of your campaigns as well as provide guidance for your customer service.

How can I help you today?
Service Description
I can handle all areas of a project either directly or I can outsource and manage the work for you.

I'm available M-F from 7-4 Pacific Time. You can also find me on twitter as LodestoneCS.

To achieve your complete satisfaction, my process is to identify what your end result is, and then set up regular checkpoints to ensure that what I'm providing is what you really wanted. Sometimes you start down a path and then realize that it wasn't what you wanted at all. At that point, we make course corrections and keep moving towards the ultimate goal of your business becoming a successful presence on the web that brings revenue into your pocket.

I have used Elance for some of my own outsourcing and I'm sensitive to the need for overcommunicating. I have worked for myself since 1998 when I was a website developer and programmer. I've been working remotely since 1993. In my first job out of college, I was a "phone jockey" for technical support. I learned quickly how to treat people with respect and how to debug a problem quickly.

I want to get to know you and your business goals. If you're not sure, I can work with you to clarify them. When you know where you want to go, it makes creating a path easier. From my first job as a technical phone support through my various jobs to being an online consultant, I take joy in helping other people achieve their goals. The parts of my job that I liked the most were mentoring, analyzing data looking for patterns, and coming up with creative solutions with what we have.

Copy - copywriting of audio or video scripts, newsletters, emails, online ads, print ads, landing pages, squeeze pages, online catalog, ebooks, white papers, FAQs, press releases, sales letters, articles, blogs. Copyediting of all existing documentation. Update employee handbooks or create one using standard boilerplate with your specific rules. Will write seed comments for your blogs.

Web SEO Copy will be optimized for your keyword phrases. I can research and make suggestions for keyword phrases. Will also provide title and recommendations for H1 tags, description, and alt tags on the images. I'll write and submit articles and blog comments to increase your off-site links. And I'll find other areas where you can improve your on-site links such as linking back to prior blog posts, and adding in a site map.

SEM Campaigns - will write copy for the sponsored results and manage the A/B testing. Will make recommendations for which keywords to optimize, manage your campaigns to optimize your money by finding out the bid for 2nd & 3rd placement, and adjusting your bidding accordingly. We'll track the click through rate to ensure it's effective.

Email - set up campaigns, data segmenting, data mining, data forecasting for future campaigns, split testing, temporary services if someone is on vacation. Will write the newsletters and include links back to landing pages on your site.

Business Consulting - creating marketing plans, business plans, helping you push past any current blocks. Analyze your current business processes, document them, and make adjustments to improve effectiveness. Mentor workers in processes. Manage offshore or offsite workers. Project management. I'll assist with finding ways to improve your revenue streams, such as adding in affiliate sales links for products that work with your website. Additionally, we'll look into managing your online reputation on forums such as Yelp.

Web 2.0 - set up presence on social media sites (i.e. facebook, twitter), design updates for your website to encourage people to return often, set up podcasts or vcasts for your company, utilize information to increase organic search results, tweak and test campaigns for online paid ad campaigns. I can write video scripts, and edit your raw video into a professional movie that we will embed into your website. I also will work with you, if needed, to create a sales funnel and help use social media to drive traffic to your end result whether it's a sales page, having them make a phone call, etc. I also can clean up accounts that have been abandoned for awhile and clean up any spam or remove false users.

Reputation Management - Do you have reviews that are not flattering? Or do you need a strategy to get more reviews? I have white hat tactics that won't get turned down.

Analytics - analyze your web logs or email data and provide you with a picture about who your customers are, where they're coming from, when they are leaving your sales funnel, and provide recommendations to improve your customer acquisition and retention.

Market Analysis - Competitive analysis of your existing market space or areas you want to expand into. Analysis of your website and recommendations to improve the message. Recommendations for making your website better for potential customers. Copy edits to align your web copy with the way your target audience thinks and speaks.

Video - preproduction interviewing to target a single message for each video, script creation, recommendations for how to shoot, video editing, postproduction, and deployment.

I have over 20 years of experience and will provide you with high quality service and a speedy turnaround. I only commit to projects that I know I can work on until it is completed to your satisfaction. Don't waste your time and money. Hire an expert who will take care of you professionally.
B2B Copywriting
Awarded: 2010
Bob Bly
Medical Copywriting
Awarded: 2009
Marketing with Video for Online Profit
Awarded: 2009
Copywriting 2.0
Awarded: 2009
SEO Professional
Awarded: 2009
Social Networking
Awarded: 2009
Desktop Marketing
Awarded: 2008
Accelerated Copywriting
Awarded: 2008
Dun and Bradstreet
Awarded: 1998
American Intercontinental University
Masters of Arts in Technology
2002 - 2002
California Polytechnic State University
BS Electronic Engineering
1985 - 1989
Lodestone Consulting Services, LLC
Online business consultant
2007 - Present
Formed a business to consult with Media Newsgroup to help transition their registration, co-registration, and email marketing programs from McClatchy. Set up all the databases and templates. Provided data segments, and regular reports on demographics and success analytics. Currently providing high quality online marketing consulting including email marketing, article marketing, ebooks, business plans, newsletters, SEO, and sales copywriting.
Knight Ridder Digital
Registration and Email Program Manager
2005 - 2007
Was in charge of email programs, analytics of subscriber data, retention, demographics, registration, and co-registration. Created emails and segments and evaluated success of campaigns. Documented marketing requirements for new registration. Trained other newspapers on how to send their emails when it was decentralized. Managed calendar for National sales.
Auctions product manager (contract)
2005 - 2005
In charge of Y! Auctions US version. Wrote newsletters, online copy that was optimized for better search engine results, developed reports on my analysis of the web metrics on where people were coming from, how many pages they clicked through, and if there was an ultimate sale. Wrote catalog copy for charity auction. I was given the images, and I set up the auction for the charity. Created powerpoint presentation on competitive analysis of auction sites. Provided consulting on areas to grow auctions with enhanced functionality.
Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
I prefer to bid per project since it sets expectations up front, and your costs will not increase unless you request in writing scope changes, and we will renegotiate the project bid at that time.

I take project scope and deadlines very seriously. I was a project and program manager for 8 years. I will provide you with a realistic schedule based upon our agreed upon deliverable.

Projects under $1000 - 50% deposit, 50% upon completion.

Projects over $1000 - 25% deposit, we negotiate 2 milestones, and 25% due upon completion.
Stephanie Roberts
Bay Area News Group, Director
Provide online marketing consulting for email projects, provide detailed data mining reports used by sales to close deals, provide copywriting, setting up, segmenting and testing for their circulation group.
Nancy-Lynn Vorel
Cameo Designs, Owner
Online business management, email management, training, wrote process and procedures documentation. Created customer service strategy. Provided consulting on business strategy, affiliate sales strategy, and usability of websites.
Kathy Ives
McClatchy Interactive, VP Marketing
Program Manager for Email and Registration. Sent emails, ran data mining reports, etc.
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Lodestone Consulting Services