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Lovro B.

   Croatia (Hrvatska)
  |  10:18 pm Local Time


Problem solver, Senior Web Developer & Microsoft Certified Professional. I create scalable, flexible and robust ASP.NET and PHP solutions now for over 10 years for Startups and Mid-sized business. I speak English, German and Italian.

Skillsets: SEO, PHP, ASP.NET, ASP3, C#, Visual Basic, SQL, MYSQL, AJAX, Internet Optimization, CMS and WEB 2.0

10 years of experience:
C# / VB
SEO - Search Engine Optimization

I look forward to participate in ambitious, long-term projects for Clients all over the world.
Service Description
I am offering outsourced services for ASP.NET and PHP projects to companies all around the world. I speak English, German and Italian and I used to live in UK. If you need help building a one page web application, or creating a richer UI experience on the web for your users, I can help you.

I've seen the market come a long way. If you don't know what SEO is, it's probably why your phone isn't ringing right now. Organic SEO is vital to the success of any business these days, whether you're an online e-commerce giant, or a mom and pop ice cream shop. I can help you craft and implement your SEO strategy.

Practical experience with:
C# / VB
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
WEB 2.0

Highly communicative. Excellent interaction with clients. Capable and creative enough for independent assignments. Very punctual, responsible and have no problem with goals that are set high.
University of Zagreb
Masters, Information Science
2000 - 2005
IBM Academy
ASP.NET & Database Developer
2003 - 2004
Microsoft Academy
Microsoft Certificated Professional
2002 - 2004
Koban Sudvers
Senior ASP.NET Developer - IT Director
2011 - 2013
Providing development, maintenance & support (functional & technical) for the ASP.NET applications & modules for the various national and international insurance institutions. Responsible for Network Security and IT Consulting. Fully responsible fordevelopment of internal CRM application built on ASP.NET and MS SQL technology.
NTH Media
SEO Consultant - Project Manager
2011 - 2011
Through the execution of core online components of the marketing mix (SEO, SEM,SMM) goal was to drive quality traffic to the sites and generate conversion in line withcompany targets. I was leading the team of five international developers and was also semi Developer and semi SEO Specialist.
ASP.NET Lead Developer
2010 - 2011
Worked as programmer and systems analyst on complex web forms developing withclient and server validation. Developed middle and end tier components utilizingMVC, maintained SQL scripts and utilized Entity Framework. I was leading the teamof four developers and was also a developer on Porsche Assistance software application and Microsoft Navision.
Ocean 4D
ASP.NET Games Developer - CTO
2008 - 2010
Developing online games Startup project in sports industry based on new Social media platform called Irondomain. Product was targeting over million worldwide users that we almost reached in 2010. and received best Startup nominee. Due to crisis in late 2009. we had to abandon further development even so we got 7 different worldwide awards for the Startup and were twice SeedCamp finalists.
Data Centar
ASP.NET / ASP3 Developer - CEO
2004 - 2008
Worked on 20+ projects in various roles, including account management, consulting, architecture design, web development and web design. Created web sites from scratch, redesigned existing sites. Worked with customers on conceiving their web presence. Wide range of web sites, including online shops, web portals, business 2 business applications and simple web sites based on developed content management system. Worked individually and as a part of a small team.
ASP3 Junior Developer
2002 - 2004
Building ASP3 applications on MS Access for Ministry of Defance of the Republic of Croatia.Doing GeoCoding on Esri's GIS (geographic information systems) mapping software for leading Bosnian telecommunication provider.
Payment Terms
Payment Methods:
- Elance invoicing
- Elance Escrow service
- Elance hourly rated jobs

-Elance workroom
- Any Instant Messengers - preferred, because it save a history of communications
- Emails
- Phone (for urgent cases)

General Availability:
- every business day during last ten years.

Development control:
Usually I use for development my testing web servers therefore you will be able to see all development process online and point your wishes/corrections/notices if any.

I always provide all clients with 30 days of free guarantee for all my scripts.
Lovro B. | Elance

Lovro B.